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Published: 02 February 2018

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My ex boyfriend and I signed up for a 1 year membership with the understanding that it would not be a problem to cancel the contract within the first five days of the contract. I called on the 5th day and went down to the gym on Truxtun Ave and was informed by a woman that the manager, Ever was not available, she wrote down my number and said she’d give him the message. I had recently had surgery for my umbilical hernia a couple months before signing the contract. Before I signed the gym membership I had never works out since the surgery, and was looking forward to becoming slim again. The only time I attempted to work out was when I attempted to do one sit-up in my bedroom and the pain was excruciating. When I didn’t receive a call back from Ever, I attempted to contact him, the manager on Truxtun Avenue, I was told he was no longer employed there. This was now the sixth day, the woman at the front desk told me I could call corporate to get this issue resolved. I was told it shouldn’t be an issue, just inform them of what occurred. When I called corporate I was laughed at ridiculed and disrespected. When I asked to speak to supervisor I was placed on hold for an hour, hung up on; each time I called and asked for a supervisor or manager I was told there was no manager or supervisor available. After calling back numerous times I was sent to the voicemail of the “supervisor”. I left a voicemail for Jeanette and never received a call back, 3 months had passed and I was still paying for the membership because my card was on file and it was automatically set to come out ogn my account. When I called corporate again still never using my membership I was told I needed a doctors note.once I got the doctors note I was then informed of another twist they would only put a hold on my account. Ask to speak to someone else about her and she told me that was no one else. In December I communicated with someone about placing a hold on my account. Even after explaining my situation to Body XChange about settling the account they didn’t seem to care. All they want is money. They said I stopped paying the gym membership , yet I still have the same bank card that they were pulling it out directly from.I have no clue what to do, try as my kids on my own and with the little money i do you have a minimum wage and I’m being scammed by this company who could care less about me attempting to cancel my account on the 5th day within the contract. They now want me to pay $588.41 and have sent it to collections. I am a single mother of two daughters, working one part-time job, while attending school full-time did not have the money at that time. On July 22, 2014 I received a notice from a credit agency was billing us for this amount. I paid it. Saying I need to pay $588.41 for the remainder of the contract plus interest. I doing with body exchange about the issue yet again once I heard this and I wasn’t a voicemail once again in told that jeanette was in a meeting. Body XChange claims we missed the window to deal with them and now must deal with the collection agency and pay the full amount. I am disgusted at the way this company has refused to be reasonable when they claimed to be so flexible when we signed the contract. Ever’s personality is what sold the contract and he made it clear that if I didn’t liked it I could come back within the 5 days and that’s what I did but he wasn’t available so I felt like that since there trick to getting you caught up and stuck in there. They expect me to pay them $588.41 plus interest for absolutely nothing. I cannot afford it and feel screwed over by their aggressive, take-no-prisoners policies. They have converted happy customers into angry detractors.

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