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Published: 29 May 2018

Posted by: MembersLast

9/1/2015 “Members First” in an non-profit environment, that feels all too similar to the bigger banks who love taking advantage of your naivety. I had the pleasure of devoting my time to a career that I felt was going to take care of my future. As human beings, we are susceptible to making mistakes. In a field that is overloaded with information, requires impeccable attention and asks for an unbreakable spirit. This company would be better off creating robots that can do it”s heartless bidding. They”re definitely on the fast track to getting there, with their highly advanced ATMs, but it”s truly disheartening to know that their motto of “Members First” is really “Business First”. The fine print and little details vaguely explained to you, will eventually be your turning point. At which point it will already be too late to correct or find a solution that will appease their endless expectations. They won”t even fire you in person, they”ll put you on speaker phone with one of their HR lemmings and justify your exit as beneficial for both parties. That way they can start fresh and sucker in another person that will potentially fall to the same issues they are not willing to address. You”d think that a company that markets the idea of people not being perfect, that they would hold that same mentality to those that serve them blindly. Unfortunately they could care less. Just got married, found out I was going to have a kid, was on the right track to landing a new position and then…the rug came out. I admit, I made mistakes but I had trust in my management that they were helping me to improve and be better, but I didn”t get that. Just the routine lectures and paper contracts, so they could say “they told me so”. It didn”t matter that I helped define a team, built rapport with my community, pressed myself to learn other processes to help my branch or gave my all to represent their unrealistic expectations. No, to them it doesn”t matter, they want perfection, no excuses. They don”t care about your personal life and why should they, all corporate settings like this ask you to leave your personal life at the door. Don”t get me wrong, I wasn”t freely coming to work a mess, but life happened along the way and I did my best to never let my co-workers, members or boss see it. The unfortunate matter is that they encourage coaching sessions that allow you to talk about these kind of issues (if need be), just don”t get too comfy with them. They”ll most likely use this information against you, as a character flaw. It”s not healthy to harbor resentment, but in these circumstances I don”t feel this company really gave me the benefit of the doubt. Especially since nothing wrong happened because of my mistakes. BECU is no different than BofA or all those other money lovers. It”s about business and how they can pad their bonuses. Whether this gets read or not, I just wanted to take this moment to get the exit interview I never received. If you are considering working here, please think twice. Aspire toward your dreams because this place will muddle them and ask you to be a different person that you may not like. Call it bitter, but I feel wronged.

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