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Published: 30 March 2021

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ATTORNEY ABANDONS CLIENT AFTER FILING LAWSUIT, WHICH ULTIMATELY GET HIM WHISTLEBLOWERE RETALIATED AGAINST AND FIRED, LEAVING HIM POVERTY RIDDEN, AND WITH WORKPLACE INJURIES. BOHEMIAN CLUB ATTORNEYS IGNORE WORKERS INJURIES, FORCE PLAINTIFF INTO SETTLING 1.5 MILLION CASE FOR LOW BALL AMOUNT LEAVING WORKER DESTITUTE. AND INJURED. ==Lawsuits== Gelsinger v. Bohemian Club, et al. (2014) In March, 2014, David Gelsinger, a senior camp manager (“head valet), who had worked in several camps since the early 1990s, sought legal representation, for wrongful termination, workplace harassment, & intentional infliction of emotional distress, after he was not rehired by Medicine Lodge Camp, one of the more illustrious camps, located at the heart of the Bohemian Grove, directly above the Dining Circle and Grove Main Stage. Gelsinger maintains he was fired for complaining about verbally abusive persons during the summer of 2013, as well as workplace vandalism and intentional property damage by unknown persons, occurring to the camp he cared for. He also stated his displeasure against Bohemian Club staff entering the camp and wantonly and irresponsibly, hacking down trees that he had maintained for years. Gelsinger also resisted for over one year, from signing an additional background check form the Bohemian Club was demanding he fill out, despite the fact Gelsinger had worked in the Bohemian Grove since he was 21, -19 years prior, and that he had successfully filled one out, upon being rehired in March of 2008. Posting an advertisement on Craigslist, Mr. Gelsinger was responded to by Oakland Attorney Bree Ullman, who offered to file an unpaid wage claim, but ignored all other issues, despite the large evidence he had proving his other cases. By May 2014, Ullman filed a civil suit in Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, Case No. CGC 14 539430, Superior Court Judge Cynthia M. Lee, presiding. Prior to the suit being filed, Gelsinger was hired by Careless Camp (of which the Becktels & Charles Black Jr. (Shirley Temple’s son) are Despite Gelsinger being underpaid for decades by Bohemian Club members at various camps worked in the Bohemian Grove since 1994, totaling a minimum of $1.6 million dollars, Ullman sought only ~$560,000. during settlement negotiations. Seeking quickly to settle the matter before the scheduled court appearance, Bohemian Club attorney Richard Hill, added provisions calling for Gelsinger not to show up to work and to resign permanently from ever working again in the Bohemian Grove, of which Gelsinger flatly refused to do. In response, Careless Camp then cut Mr. Gelsinger’s scheduled hours and workload, told him to leave the 2018 encampment early, and had him removed from Bohemian Grove premises by Grovekeeper Jim Daniels who was accompanied by security personnel. Gelsingeru2019s attorney refused to file whistleblower retaliation charges against the Bohemian Club, and told Gelsinger she’d quit it he didn’t accept the Bohemian Club’s ridiculous settlement offer. In response, Gelsinger fired Attorney Ullman (whom he originally told to file a suit against the Camp & not the Club), hired two additional attorneys, and eventually, under duress, signed a settlement agreement in late December 2014, which paid him a very low amount compared to what he was owed. Ullman despite being paid in settlement, was fined by the court for not filing papers and not showing for a conference hearing. It was during Gelsinger’s settlement negotiations with the Bohemian Club’s attorneys in the summer of 2014, that Bohemian Club Camp Captains, under the watch and advisement of Bohemian Club attorneys, met for two days in the Grove, and devised a plan to stave off any further valet employment suits or a future class action suit, by offering to give Camp Valets, anywhere from hundreds of dollars, to a couple thousand dollars, to sign a release form that indemnified the Club & Camps from owing any back-wages. The Club was afraid of a class action lawsuit by valets because Attorney Ullman’s legal brief (Gelsinger V. Bohemian Club, et al.) threatened PAGA claims. It was here that future plaintiffs, San Francisco resident Jacob Horvat and Oakland resident Gabriel Martin, refused to sign the agreement. Thru a search of the internet, both sought out Gelsingeru2019s attorney, Bree Ullman, and she filed a class action suit on their behalf against all camps in the Bohemian Grove, but not against the Bohemian Club, as she had done in Gelsinger V. Bohemian Club, et al. With the help of an additional law firm behind her (Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP), the class action suit for unpaid wages was continued against the Bohemian Club (the camps were omitted as Defendant), with press reports reporting $7 million dollars ($2.1 million to attorneys alone) to be paid as part of a settlement, to be finalized in September, 2016, in Santa Rosa, Californiau2019s, Superior Court, County of Sonoma, Judge Gary Nadler In reality, the underpaid employees are owed minimum, U.S. $130 million dollars just for the years 2011-2014, and collectively billions of dollars in unpaid wages occurring over the course of decades. That being the case, the unfair and disproportionate settlements offered to both Gelsinger, and to members of the class, in the additional lawsuit, would render them invalid. Gelsinger maintains that his previous attorney Bree Ullman, and attorneys at Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, are “cut-&-pasting” and stealing the verbal, documentary, and evidentiary information he provided Ullman in the initial lawsuit, and using it to file a class action suit he never agreed to and which they’re paying him nothing for.



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