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Published: 31 March 2019

Posted by: Lily2013

I ordered a box of chocolates for a relative in Bolivia last June. The box was never delivered, but they still charged my credit card. First, I was informed by email that they couldn’t deliver the chocolates because it was a rainy day (!). The following day they wrote saying that, in fact, they didn’t have the chocolates I had ordered (so the excuse given the previous day was a lie), but they could replace the order with something else. When I refused and cancelled the order, they said it was going to take a long time to reimburse my money, which meant that they had charged me BEFORE realizing that the product they sold me was unavailable. I kept asking them how long it was going to take until they stop even answering the emails. I insisted this year, and they asked me to send them my credit card information via email, which is a gross breach of security standards in any country, and of course I refused to do so. Then they stopped answering again. lied to me and robbed me. In its website, it’s stated: “All the orders are processed within 24 hours of received with the exception of those needed to be fabricated by our providers such as the case of some musical instruments or clothing garments. Shipments are made within 48 hours next after we have received your order. Our database is constantly updated with the information our providers give us daily. When we receive an order, the availability of the product is verified at our storage and/or our providers’ storage areas before validating the credit card information of our clients.” None of it was true in my case. They never delivered the order, the product wasn’t available, and they charged me for something they didn’t even have in store. is a scam, beware.

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