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Published: 13 July 2019

Posted by: Glen

I did use bombfell once but did not like the services because the clothes that were. Delivered to me were definitely not of the quality and the charges were really high for the products that I received. Whereas the products actually aren’t that highly charged. So definitely the quality of the materials are not good and obviously the charges were too high. I’ve tried contacting them, but there was no turnaround time. Neither. Did I ever get to speak to anybody any customer representative? So That is a problem. So it is not a scam. I don\’t know if that is a scam. But definitely they are charging to high amounts so that can be considered as one. If they are helping you become more accustomed with the trends and putting you up with the trend in line with the trend then definitely. They should give you better products and not Low quality products. I have returned the products and because I will not accept those products and I have not received any kind of refund for those products yet. So definitely that’s again a very big problem.

First of all, I need to know what are the products that I\’m getting delivered to my doorstep and second of all, I need to know what are the charges for those products because if I don\’t know what am I getting and for what price why would I even accept them? So without my consent, how can you charge me around 400 or 500 dollars for anything that you send me there needs to be a prior approval because that is my money. So definitely they are very unorganized and I wouldn\’t call it a scam completely. But definitely they are not complete professionals and they need to step up. I would not for now recommend this service to anybody until unless they can actually get everything sorted and definitely their refund policy because I haven\’t received any refund. You can’t just order anything that you feel like for me and I would have to pay for that is not done. Moreover they need to have a customer service desk where customers can call in so that is not there. So that is a big problem. And that’s why I feel like they might be a scam. But let’s see for now. I would not recommend this to anybody.

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