Bon Bon Beauty LLC

Bon Bon Beauty LLC

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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The various companies listed above send you a “teaser” ad to your email address, stating that you can order a trial size of their supplements for “free” (Pro XR and Nitric Pro supplements), only paying for the shipping costs of $9.93. Once you call their toll-free numbers (833.682.6430 or 833.682.6431, or go to their various websites) to order the “free” trial sizes, and provide them your name, shipping address, email address, and card card number, they ship you the “free” trial. | After I ordered the trial, I was sent a summary of my recent order to your email address, noting the trial order and shipping amount of $9.93, but NOTHING about any agreement to continue ordering both supplements every 30 days at a total cost of $189.68, to be charged to my credit card. | I was sent the trial offer of supplements (10 or 14 day trial size), used them as directed, and they did nothing for me (that is fair: I just won’t order any more of them). I then received a 30 supply of the supplements in the mail several weeks after my trial order, with nothing recognizable on the outside of the package except a description of the two supplements. I then did some research and found that my credit card has been charged a total of $379.36 for two 30 day supplies of the supplements (statements that had not yet been received in the mail). | I did some further research and then called the 833.682.6430, Customer Service “department”, and complained, requesting that the credit card charges be reversed, and requested a return merchandise authorizaton (“RMA”) for the unopened product I received. I was told that such charge reversal and RMA could not be offered as I had agreed to the every 30 purchase agreement when I ordered the “free” trial size! | I made no such commitment / agreement; I asked them for proof of such agreement and all they could say was that it was on their ordering system. I asked them about why the purchase commitment was not provided for in my email receipt of my trial order (the only communication I received from them regarding my trial Order), and they said the same thing, that I had agreed to it when I ordered the trial sizes. | Efforts to discuss this with supervisory or managerial personnel were thwarted by the company’s Customer Service people (called several times). The Customer Service people also told me that I could cancel any further “orders” right now, which I did, and they sent me an email noting such “order” cancellation. | I then did some further research, and wrote to Bon Bon Beauty LLC in Gilbert AZ (Attention Chief Executive Officer), requesting that the credit card charges be reversed. I have heard nothing from them for two weeks, thus I started my campaign against them for their predatory marketing and product order practices designed to defraud unsuspecting customers. If you receive a teaser ad from this company, IGNORE it as it is fraudulent!!

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