BondRok - David L. Thurman

David Thurman swindled money from CSI Domes and set us back

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Published: 19 July 2017

Posted by: Shannon D. Lehmann

Reagan Rodriguez of 5th Avenue Capital of New York was the one who referred David L Thurman to my company. Thurman called me up directly and told me about how he had access to billions of dollars in funds. I told him I needed $120 million to set up my new factories. He said he could get me up to $500 million. In the end, we settled on my company applying for $300 million as investment capital into CSI
Then he told me how the whole thing worked. Apparently there was a stringent Due Diligence process ahead. He said his team would look over my company and its potential, but that he was confident he could get me my capital even before the agreed 90 – 120 days. Then he said CSI would pay up front the cost for the Due Diligence process. But as a proof of our financial stability, he wanted us to send him $60,000 USD. This would be refunded as soon as the deal went through, or if it was rejected. It was sage and refundable, according to him. It was simply a step they had in place in order to weed out people who weren’t serious. They did not want to waste their time.
Like they said, CSI Domes went and raised the $60,000 in cash. One of our past supporters made a very exact short term loan to CSI. It was only for 150 days. My CFO was asked to transfer the money to David Thurman, right after the cash was supplied to CSI Domes. His account number was XXX XXX 5696. It was at Wells Fargo Bank – TroJenn Holdings.
We made the transfer at 12:39 pm on July 9th. The full amount was transferred at once. He confirmed that he got the money and thanked me for getting it to him as quickly as I had. He had all his requested Due Diligence in one package, all the information he needed. He told me we were his top priority and that we would be funded by the end of the summer. At 120 days, his contract would have been over by November 16th.
But he’s disappeared from November. He doesn’t pick up calls and doesn’t respond to texts or emails. The MOU and contracts he gave us were invalid.
This man has destroyed the lives of 12 of my employees. We lost 6 months of production time and went through a $1 million loss per day. Four big customers have cancelled their orders with CSI.
The $60,000 that David Thurman has swindled from us has set us back. But we will press forward and overcome this.

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