Bonnie Combs is one sick and twisted monster:

Bonnie Combs is one sick and twisted monster: Review

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Published: 29 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Bonnie Michelle Combs Bonni Combs, Bonnie Danner, Chretienne Ouelette, Chretienne Jamie Ouelette, CJ Ouelette, Dennis Ouelette, Chloe Ouelette, Zinnia Ouelette, Crystal Larson, Nicole, TGO, Pixie Maguire, Lady Maguire, Roxanna, Christine Armstrong, Christina Armstrong, Jamie V Bonnie Combs, Bonni Danner, Chretienne Ouelette, Christine Armstrong, Jamie, Christina, Cyberstalker, Psychopath, Thief, Scam Artist, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pedophile, Tulsa Oklahoma There’s many other reports filed against Bonnie Combs, she may go by "Chretienne Ouelette" or Jamie Vaughn, Christine Armstrong, Lady Maguire and god knows how many other aliases on the internet, but they’re all one in the same and they can all be traced back to Bonnie Combs – a 34 year old fat lard ass who dropped out of school in grade 4 to collect foodstamps, live with mommy Patty Combs and daddy Clinton Combs in their shitty mold-ridden trailer all while Bonnie Combs molests children, kills dogs and threatens to murder women she’s jealous of on the internet. Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma made my life horrible for years. Calling my home, taking print outs of fake e-mails to Tulsa detectives and acting as though she were multiple people who were out to get me. If you search online you will find all sorts of crazy sites on free blogging places (mostly blogger/blogspot though) saying I am all sorts of things that describe more what she did to me (and thousands of other people) than what I did to her. This began YEARS ago and it still haunts me. Sadly Bonnie Combs is still doing the same thing to others online. She must be a very sick individual. It sounds like paranoid schizophrenia to me. A normal person doesn’t set out to destroy others. I just hope the Tulsa police will hurry up with their 50+ investigations and put Bonnie in a mental hospital before she seriously hurts anybody else.

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