Bonnieview Apartments Detroit

Bonnieview Apartments Detroit

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Published: 25 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Do not live here!!! I am so glad I don’t live here anymore! Thank you Jesus!!! I was only living here because I had to due to financial circumstances at the time. Now God has blessed me and my family to move back to the beautiful suburbs again. Living at “Bonnieview” was several years of pure misery!I definitely don’t prefer ghetto life. Never have. Never will. There’s nothing Bonnie about it. This place doesn’t even look good in photos! “Miss Adams” is abusive to tenants she doesn’t like. She is also a thief and a liar. If she likes you she may send maintenance to fix your heat when you request it. If not you’re stuck out of luck. She was attempting to make me go without heat in freezing below zero weather. when my heat went out. I requested maintenace for the issue twice and twice she ignored my request. She is a heartless monster! She is the most ignorant person I have ever enocuntered. And whatever you do don’t let any of your UPS packages get delivered to her office because you will never see them again or even be made aware they arrived at all. She swore up and down one of my packages must have been delivered to the wrong address because it never arrived to her office. However, my Aunt can smell bull from a million miles down the road and called UPS to track my “missing” package. She immediately discovered that it had been signed for and intercepted by none other than “Miss” Rochelle Adams. When I returned to her office to tell her about my Aunt’s findings she still denied the package had arrived and begn nervously putting on her coat. She was trying to leave the office in an attempt not to get an earful from my Aunt or lose her job. “Miss Adams” made my stay at Bonnieview a living nightmare. She was an unnecessary thorn in my side the entire 6 years she has been at Bonnieview. You guys really dropped the ball when you got rid of Mr. Smith. He never allowed his personal feelings to affect his professionalism unlike “Miss Adams.” You haven’t hired a remotely decent office person since. The Property Management Company Pitters that owns this place are slumlords! They are charging luxury prices for a slum apartment in a dangerous ghetto neighborhood where street gangs are literally one mile down the road! They don’t fix anything they desperately need to. Shame on you Lori! This place is not safe! Not even to walk down the street. A guy dressed in black somehow got into the building a few years ago and attempted to follow me to my front door and rob me! But God had other plans. So glad his Angels are encamped around those who fear him. A building was also set on fire in 2018 and the arsonist(s) was never caught. Did I mention the perv stalker who lived two floors below me who liked to stand in the window in his undewear(ick!) while I took my garbage out? Or the time I took my garbage out kinda early and he came out of his apartment and stood at the back door gazing at me in a seriously creepy manner? I had to go around to another door because I have no idea what he had in mind. Thank God for his safety and protection. I started using the trash bin on the other side for another building just so I could avoid him. Of course I could never tell “Miss Adams” about the incident because she does not like me and would have been completely apathetic as she has proven on other occasions. Need I mention the time my downstairs neighbor was blasting his music so loud that it made my bedroom dresser rattle? The incident took place after hours and I did what any rational person with common sense would. I called the Police to handle the matter which they did promptly. A few days later when I went to the office to pay my rent “Miss Adams” rebuked me for calling the Police. She sided with my unruly neighbor by saying “Did you call the Police because the neighbor was playing his music too loud? Because he complained to me about it. Next time let me know(if it’s not after hours) and I will handle it. You understand why he’s salty, right?” I could not believe my ears. I simply nodded and played along because I did not wish to drag the matter out any further. You can’t fix stupid so what other option did I really have. She refused to allow maintenance to install the bathroom blinds I purchased and requested to have installed on various occasions. I was only met with false promises and was forced to hang an old towel over the bathroom window. And now God has prepared a table before my family and I right in her presence! Thank you Jesus! Glory to Go in the highest! I can finally put this horrible place in my rear view mirror and get back to my beautiful life in the Burbs that I have been longing for since the first day I moved into this dive! Good riddance to bad rubbish! Free at last! Free at last!

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