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She messed up my kids’ teeth really bad

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Published: 11 April 2019

Posted by: Bethany

I came to Bons Ortho for my 3 kids, I had triplets and all of them have teeth alignment problems. They are 15 years old and I wanted to get their teeth fixed before they start to pose a big problem in the future. Being a protective mother, I searched on the internet for the best ortho in my area and Bons Ortho came on the top because of its high rating on Google. After my experience, I can easily confirm that Bons Ortho has many fake reviews online which fool people into thinking they are good and do their job. I don’t know how the other doctors at Bons Ortho are, but I know that Dr Lily is the worst Orthodontic in the area. If I had to explain Dr Lily’s professional competence in one word, then that would be TERRIBLE. She messed up my kids’ teeth really bad. I would advise every mother to stay away from this clinic. One of my daughters told me that Lily was making fun of her face and she only stopped when my daughter started crying! WHO IN THE FUCKING WORLD DOES THAT?! She was bullying my daughter and making her feel bad. My other daughter started experiencing severe pain soon after she started wearing the braces that Lily prescribed to her. When I consulted Dr Lily and told her that my daughter is feeling discomfort while wearing the braces, she told me that it is a common and temporary problem which will vanish in a couple of days. However, 14 days later, my daughter started bleeding from her gums, we rushed to the emergency room and the doctor there told us that the braces that she was wearing were too small for her, he asked if it was a DIY one because it was totally out of proportion. I went to Dr Lily who didn’t accept her mistake and refused to take the responsibility of the bleeding, she made radical excuses and was acting as if SHE was the victim in this situation. After this horrible experience, I have changed my orthodontic doctor and now I go to another one, which is a thousand times better than Bons Ortho. I wouldn’t have changed doctors, but Dr Lily is a total self-arrogant moron who does not know how to do her job properly. The health of my children is my number one priority and if anyone tries to harm my 3 angels, I try my best to save them. I would advise everyone to stay away from Bons Ortho, they will just take your money and ruin your smile. I recently found out that Dr Lily also specialises in treating “special needs” kids, which is totally harmful. A special needs child should not be exposed to a toxic person like Lily. I think she terrifies the kids and they don’t say anything to their parents because they are afraid of Lily.

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