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Published: 10 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My name is Breann and I work for the Marriot, on November 3, 2014 I received a fax to my workplace advertising a 6 day 5 night vacation including all meals and beverages (alcoholic beverages included) for $119.00 per person to Cancun, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Bahamas, and a few other locations in Mexico. It also said choose your 4-5 star resorts like the Four Seasons, Wyndham Hotel, etc. with unlimited activities including non-motorized sports. I called 855-883-1867 and spoke to a Jessie Lopez at EXT 325, she gave me a list of resorts and I told her I was interested in Puerto Rico or Hawaii, she then suggested the Four Seasons Resort. I specifically asked her if $298 was the total for 2 persons and he said “YES”, he also said that I will be receiving a voucher for 60% off airplane ticket. I paid for vacation package November 10TH, 2014 with Tours R Us, total amount was $369.00. Shortly thereafter I received an email from docusign for a confirmation of my reservation. The confirmation 22739719, was signed on November 12th 2014. On Novemeber 15th, after calling them several times to get my vacation package, they sent an email with the links to resorts, but it did not list Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, nor did it list Four Seasons Hotel, or the Wyndham, nor did they include the voucher for 60% off flight. I called back several times and asked for Jessie Lopez at EXT 325 and she was never there. They said she “just left” and to call back the next day, or they would say to leave a message and she will call me back shortly, she never did. I called again and finally got a rep on the phone and told him that this is all deceptive advertising, none of what was promised to me is on the email. He told me that not his fault he only does the booking and works for a company named, that Tours R Us is just one of the vendors they work with, he also told me that ” I NEEDED TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL $350 BOOKING FEE PLUS $853 PER PERSON PLUS $99 PER PERSON GRATUITIES FEE AND THIS HOTEL WAS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE!. I told him this was deceptive advertising and a fraudulent business, and that I demand a refund. He informed me that it was a non-refundable fee for the vacation package. I asked what this package covered and he said it was for the meals. I asked to speak to his supervisor and Debbie came on the line. She basically said the same thing as Jessie and told me NO on the refund. I told her I was going to complain to the Better Business bureau.

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