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Published: 14 February 2018

Posted by: dontusebooksurge

Booksurge has the terrible customer service. We first hired them to edit and do the layout my book. First of all, their edit was terrible. I ended up fixing their edited version of my book. They did not catch misspelling, sentences that was repeated by mistakes were not corrected, they erased a paragraph!, random capitalization that is not consistent and so on. Then when it came to the layout and design. I first followed the instruction of putting every single photos in a different file, numbered them by the page numbers that appear in the book. They asked to separate text and photos. I gave them what the final looks like in word (which needed to be converted to pdf file) That was enough for me to put my time since I just wanted to pay and have them do every thing until completion. Noooo, that didn’t happen. After carefully follow their instructions, they asked more things for me to do in order for them to do the layout. Why am I paying these guys if I have to do all the work? And the more frustrating thing is that there is not even one person who is in charge of my book. I have to talk to different person every time, and different person email me demanding more stuff. Oh, and I ended up doing everything and took more time to do the layout myself since I was soooo tired of dealing with them. After submitting the final version and all they have to do is to print!, they EMAILED me saying, oh, the spec is not correct. Are you serious? First of all, after all of these problems back and forth and me talking a real person on the phone and confirm in email with specs (just in case), and me putting so much late nights working on the layout, you EMAILED me to tell me that the spec they gave me was wrong? First of all, there should not be issues with specs and second of all, they didn’t have a courtesy of CALLING me to tell me that? What a customer service they have especially after all of this. I am so frustrated and sick and tired of dealing with this people. I got partial refund because they ended up not doing the layout but I am planning to get $ for editing and even to publish my book or please improve the organization. Is it so hard to have a consistent information within the company such as THE SPECS, which is fairly important. Please get your stuff together.

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