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Boost Capital Corp.

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Published: 04 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We were victims of a fraud perpetrated by Laura C. Young and Martin J. Doane, two attorneys from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the owners and officers of Boost Capital Corp. | My husband and I live in the community close to them. We are surrounded by good friends and wealthy individuals, including a Mr. John Reynolds; an elderly politician in British Columbia who introduced us to Laura Young and Martin Doane. These two lawyers from Toronto turned out to be major scam artists. | We were considering proceeding with a large investment, and approached John Reynolds for advice. Per his suggestion, we invested our retirement funds in the company Boost Capital Corp. Time passed. Later, when we needed funds for my husband’s surgery, we asked to cash out our investment. That was when we realized we were victims of a huge fraud. After several unanswered calls and e-mails, we discovered that the Ontario Securities Commission had issued a CEASE TRADE ORDER for Boost Capital Corp! | Young and Martin J. Doane had failed to file several financial statements as required under the Ontario Securities Commission, therefore violating the Securities Legislation of Ontario. | We’ve been desperate. We’ve gone to Laura Young’s office and she simply said that she is the attorney on record of the RCMP against the Attorney General of Canada and we shouldn’t mess with her! | We did contact an attorney for help, but we couldn’t afford the huge retainer. | Please believe that Laura C. Young and Martin J. Doane are not to be trusted. If you do your due diligence you’ll find ample evidence of their abuses. Please don’t be as gullible as we were. We trusted in the advice of our neighbor, John Reynolds, and didn’t check references. | I would strongly advise anyone considering an investment with them to go elsewhere. We can only hope that Justice will catch up with them and they’ll pay for the damage they did to us, and continue to do to others.

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