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Published: 20 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I got scammed by (also known as,, & many other fake scammer names). They scammed me a while back and disappeared. Searching for some accountability online is like tumlbing down a rabbit hole with these guys. Boost Your Campaign is supposedly owned by Thomas Landers and some other company called Naxxoo or Rover Marketing with huge offices down Park Ave and places like downtown LA. All of which does not add up. They also claim to have hundreds of employees, but I couldnt find a single shred of proof or even a phone number to call anywhere. They are basically just a handfull of flashy websites that talk the big talk but do not produce anything. It was money down the drain and everything took a turn for the worse with my project. The contributions I did recieve could be traced to friends and people who I personally knew. So Boostyourcampaign did not bring a single dollar or even a single penny to my campaign. Money gone, campaign failed, AND I was in the red… But they didn’t care. These scammers did not listen to me and really could care less about my charity work and cause I was trying to promote. Boostyourcampaign got their money and vanished. I admit that I was too frustrated to keep emailing back and forth with a non english speaking scammer and pursuing them so I considered it a lessoned learned and just moved on. I really wanted to put this whole fraud business behind me, but then they tried to scam me AGAIN with my new campaign! I was disgusted to find out these scammers are now at it again by spamming every single crowdfunding campaign they can get their hands on, including my latest non-profit project! I wanted to give my warning to others so they dont have to loose money and go through the frustrations that I did. so if your are trying to crowdfund something important (your dreams, your medical bills, your biz, whatever), then WATCH OUT for these scammers at! They will purposely go after people in desperate situations and they will not stop until they are caught! .

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