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Published: 13 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company is completely unprofessional in its dealings and has no clue as to what it should do and how it should solve the problems of its customers. I purchase the premium package for thousand dollars a month that is pretty high thousand dollars a month. And late in the first month I decided to log into my account for the first time to update my webpage. There were barely any fixes that I told them to make when I had when I entered into a contract with them. I told them there was some fixes that they need to make on the webpage, but that was not fixed. They did not fix any of my problems. The changes that the meat to my webpage that dropped my Google ranking. I mean you’re running a company. So you’re supposed to be professionals. You supposed to be pros at this work. How is it possible that you have not been able to boost my ranking then? What am I paying you for? They obviously did not care about what were my requirements. All that they cared about if I was being them the money or not. I had to pay them every month for nothing. I had to go ahead and make the changes rather change whatever they change. So I had to redo the work to make it again what it was before I entered into a contract. So I’m back to square one without any work, but I still had to pay rather I had to put in more effort.

This was a complete rip off. They promised me a lot, but I did not get anything. I just got lectured. I tried to cancel but they won’t refund me for the months that I’m not in the contract with them. So either way is I decided to still continue because either ways I have to or else I’ll have to if I cancel the contract and definitely I have to pay extra. I called them up. I told him about my grievances. They said that they would take care of it. I followed their protocols. I emailed it to them. They gave me attendees time limit within which or a turnaround time within which they would get it fixed. Nothing happened. After 10 days. I tried calling them again. But this time there was nobody I kept on trying finally a representative picked up. She was very professional and polite. But unfortunately she had to face my discontent and my anger. And I apologize for that. I did apologize to her for that so she understood but then she told me that. She couldn’t find an email in her system. So she asked me to send the email again to her. So that’s what I did and at this point I’m feeling like I’m being called a liar. That I did not send an email, but I am making everything up. I simply requested them to reverse 200 dollars charge. Apologize for the inconvenience that was caused and I would happily move away from them, but Now that is not possible. They didn’t do it. They are still charging me now. I have to go. Tell my bank to stop any payments to them and claim for an overcharge so that I can get my money back. This is Not a business anybody should deal with as for my experience of what I had with them and I would suggest there are far better companies that would provide you better service and customer service. So it would be best that we do not deal with this type of a service.

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