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you might actually end up losing a few of your teeth!

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Stanley

My experience with Bootway Dental was horrible. The doctors there are pathetic people. I had gone there for a teeth whitening treatment. But they used some harsh chemicals for doing so. This resulted in my teeth going sensitive. I get a really painful sensation in my teeth now whenever I drink something hot or cold. Those people just destroyed my dental health, and they didn’t feel any remorse or guilt while doing so. I was kind of disappointed and irritated. I was irritated at myself because I couldn’t comprehend the fact that I fell for these scammers. Yes, they are scammers. They are lying on their website and are posting lies online through those reviews to make you think they are some great professionals. While the reality is, these people have no idea of what they should do, or how they should do the things they are supposed to do.

This place is run by retards. I face a lot of difficulties now due to my sensitive teeth. I’m now going to another dental clinic for my treatment. I haven’t visited the place ever since that incident. I’m not going to visit this place in the future too. Just don’t be deceived by their professional-looking website and their reviews. You might think Bootway dental is a reliable name. While the truth is, this place isn’t reliable at all. They have lied everywhere and I won’t be surprised if they surprisingly change their rates to get more money out of your pockets. Such an incidence had happened with me in the past with these people so I thought, it could happen to anyone. So these people not only did a negligent teeth whitening treatment on me but they also charged me extra before. I had heard of these people online. And I had thought that they were reliable people. Especially when I read these people’s online reviews and checked out the website, I thought it was an amazing place. Before getting my teeth whitening treatment there, I had actually visited the place for a couple of checkups. the place hadn’t done much and it seemed like any other normal dental clinic. I was a little skeptical when I visited the place for my whitening treatment. Apparently, these people had increased their rate overnight, without telling me about anything or giving me a heads up. I paid them the extra charges and then got that horrible whitening treatment. The dentist seriously used harmful chemicals for the whitening, which led to permanent damage to my enamel. If the dentist had used anything more aggressive, I might have gotten chemical burns in my mouth. You can understand the level of negligence the dentists of this place have. As a past patient, I would advise you to go somewhere else and avoid this place. it’s not suitable for anyone. You can get better dental care at more affordable and accessible places without much hassle.

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