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This guy doesn’t give a damn about your teeth or your health

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: Christopher

Colin Gardner is a terrible dentist and is certainly not worth your time or money. I had visited the place for a simple checkup and after 2 visits, they suggested me to get a dental crown installed. I’m not a fool by the way. I asked Gardner why I needed a crown because I didn’t think I was facing any major issues with my teeth. He told me that one of my teeth in the back was rotting and it can spread infection. He said I wasn’t experiencing much pain because of some nervous reasons and he’d look into that matter. He started speaking some jargon to persuade me. I agreed to get a dental crown installed. It cost me over $6,000. Turns out, he didn’t install one but 2 crowns on my teeth. That’s why my invoice was so huge. I was shocked to see such a humongous bill. I knew dental caps cost a fortune but the fortune would be this big was way beyond my imagination. When Gardner told me that he had installed 2 crowns for ‘precautionary measures’ I was really shocked. He had installed the crown without asking me. I asked him what the hell he was thinking and he told me that he was doing what was best for me. I ended up paying those people but that cost me my savings. Gardner is a thief and a habitual liar. And my experience confirmed this hunch for me. I was suspecting that there was something wrong with this guy. One of the crowns fell off within 6 months. It was the one he had installed for precautionary measures. When I told him about it he just blamed me for it and said that I must’ve forgotten to keep proper oral hygiene. He was holding me responsible for his mistake! Just imagine my anger.

I wanted to punch this guy in the face. He told me to see him again so that he can ‘fix’ this crown issue. When I visited his place, he said it wasn’t a big problem. He was going to install another dental crown. I didn’t go back there again. I knew by then that he was a scammer and he was filling his pockets by doing unnecessary procedures on me. I didn’t need an additional dental crown. Heck, I now doubt if I even needed the first one. To make sure that I wasn’t making a mistake, I went to see another dentist and find out if I required another crown. According to this other dentist, my teeth were fine and there wasn’t any requirement for such a procedure. The nonsensical crown had done the opposite of what it was supposed to do. It had damaged my tooth a little. My experience was just horrible. I learned the lesson that not all dentists are what they claim to be. I also found out that Gardner shouldn’t be a dentist. Don’t trust this guy, stay distant.

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