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Published: 25 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Our family purchased a Registered female german Shepherd puppy last Sept. 2018 from Bouchards best Shepherds. Her litter was sired by Spanky and Izzy is the female the puppies were out of. We paid extra for breeding rights and full registration. Cost of this pup was $2,500. We arranged to have the puppy flown to our home. Did the general vet check when she arrived , no blood work or x rays taken as that is not the normal practise. all was well for eight months and Anna grew into a beautiful full coated German Shepherd with a keen intelligence and a sweet personality. All of that changed just before she turned a year old. Anna suddenly started to lose weight , rapidly. She had a severe personality change and snapped at the other dogs in the family, she grew fearful, unconfident started to act very leery of everyone with her tail between her legs, ears back. And she became ravenous, searching for any drop of food and devorig it instantly and then having severe diarrea. these bowl movements were like soft orange pyramids, huge and smelly. she ate and yet started to lose weight dramatically. She went down from a weight of 91 lbs to 63 lbs five month later and this is while she was growing! she lost all her beautiful coat. we were horrified. finally after lots of vet visits and tests she was diagnosed with EPI ( exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). she cannot digest her food and we needed to put her on medication right away which is the only way to save her life. this medication combined with the special food she must eat costs over $500.00 per month. It is th eonly way to keep her viable. She has been on the medication now for one month, has gained 10 lbs and her hair is alll starting to grow in. But this monthly cost is very much a hardship for our family. I contacted the breeder, Becky Weber Bouchard aka Rebecca Bouchard from Bouchard’s Best Shepherds and she told me it “was the luck of the draw”, claimed she never told me I could breed this dog, said I hadn’t paid more for her than any other dog she has sold. She was hostile, belligerent and rude. I explained to her that this was a genetic , hereditary disease which is passed on from one dog to another through breeding. Becky currently has two litters of puppies available from the same breeding line my girl is from. These puppies could potentially have the same issue and those new owners have the same huge medication bill that I am facing or alternatively have to put the dog down if they can’t afford to keep it well. Becky’s reply to this was that she would give any other family who had an issue a new puppy..her words “i have lots of puppies”. I explained how it is heartbreaking to watch your pet literally starve to death and then have to put it down or struggle to pay huge medical bills to keep their cherished friend alive. Her only concern is getting the puppies she has now ..sold. Becky originally promised me a new puppy , said when she had one. She didn’t realize that I knew she had two litters right now. ( so many lies and untruths) She told me to send her proof that my dog has EPI. I forwarded it to her immediately. She said she would have both parents checked for EPI and all the puppies before they went to their new homes. She claimed she brought both dogs in three weeks ago and then would follow up with the litters. She sent an email saying Spanky did not have EPI. when I asked about Izzy ( a week later because I had not heard from her ) she claimed Izzy had to wait until her puppies were weaned..HER PUPPIES ARE EIGHT WEEKS OLD! another lie, an avoidance of doing the right thing because she wants her cash for all those puppies who she is now aware may be carriers of the deadly EPI gene. She has threatened me with telling all her breeders in her network not to ever sell me a puppy because I am crazy..said she would sue me for slander. claims she has never had a sick puppy. will not refund my money for the purchase nor honor her committment of giving me a health puppy. She is a despicable, untrustworthy person who cares nothing for these dogs or the position she is putting her buyers intoo if they buy an unwell puppy , grow to love it, as we have and then have to put it down or take on a huge mountain of debt to keep their pet alive. She is without conscience and is avoiding her responsibilities and should take ownership of this problem and rectify it within her kennel.

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