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Published: 07 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A horrible place to work and the company does everything in their power to screw their clients out of money. The employees are all subcontractors, even the office staff, so no one gets taxes deducted and there are absolutely no benefits. The business owner has extreme learning disabilities and he barely graduated with an athletic related degree. He’s hopped up on so many ADHD meds that he can’t stop to listen for one moment and he’s constantly babbling about nonsense so no one can get work done. His brother created the business as a college class project and simply gave it to him to keep the family mongoloid busy. He truly believes he’s the mastermind behind the company but every decision is calculated by his care taker and older brother. As a result of his extreme learning disabilities he frequently has manic episodes which effect the day to day business functions. Once a good plan is setup he changes it two days later so there is absolutely no consistency. I really feel bad for the clients because he tricks them into signing a contract that (1) automatically renews without notice (2) all payments are processed even if services are not provided which happens on a daily basis and (3) if a client wanted to cancel their contract they are threatened by a lawyer to pay half of the contract value. I have seen the company completely screw their clients out of thousands of dollars and some of them could hardly even afford it in the first place. For example there was a high school athlete, elementary school teacher and even a young girl who is physically disabled and the owner promised the poor girls parents that the training would solve most of her issues. In addition to all these bad business practices I have witnessed the company engage in insurance fraud, business licensing fraud and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are laundering money or hiding income from their location overseas in Qatar. Which by the way they do the same dirty deeds over there. .

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