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Ok Staff, Poor management!

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Jesse

Both of our children had their dental treatment here at Bountiful Orthodontics. The staff was polite and Dr Feller was doing a great job as well, however, their lack of good management cost us $500. Let me tell you the story from the start. So I and my husband found out about Bountiful Orthodontics from a friend whose sister worked there. We called the clinic to book an appointment but no one picked up the phone until 4 consequent calls. Then we went to Bountiful Orthodontics the next day as one of our kids was having a toothache. Our appointment was scheduled for 4:30 PM but the receptionist told me that I don’t have any appointment registered in their data which as just outrageous because I had already paid for the appointment in advance. After 20 minutes of “checking,” she finally found out my appointment record and then we went to see the doctor himself. Dr Feller looked really stressed out and worried. We took the kid to the room and then waited in the waiting room for him. After some time Dr Feller came out of the room with the kid and told us that he will need a root canal and crown for one of his right molar teeth. We had another appointment the next day for our daughter’s routine checkup. We failed to reach the clinic on time as the traffic was totally crazy. We tried to call the clinic but no one picked up our calls, we were always left on the voicemail. I dropped 3-4 voice mails but I don’t think the staff addressed even a single one. We reached 25 minutes late and just as we entered the receptionist told us, “I’m sorry guys, you are too late, the doctor is on a break now. “ Hearing this, I simply asked her, “Oh, when will the doctor get free, maybe you can squeeze us in?” And the receptionist outright denied our request. We lost all the money that we paid for this appointment, moreover, a weirdo keyed our car while we were inside the clinic. Next week, we came in AGAIN with both of our kids, we came on time and our appointment was with Dr Feller. We had already lost around $100 in missed appointments and penalty fees at this clinic, but the worst part was yet to come. When we came back from the clinic our daughter told us that Dr Feller was NOT the one doing the treatments. It was actually Dr Heaps! Dr Feller wasn’t even in the clinic at that time. Two weeks later we received a call from a collections company and they were saying that we owe Bountiful Orthodontics $800. It was weird because we paid the full bill in the clinic. When I called the clinic to clarify the situation, they told me that I haven’t made a single payment! I have all the receipts which prove that I made the payments and accusing me of stealing money is just disrespectful.

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