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Published: 28 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I traded in a 2009 ford ranger for a 2012 dodge ram on March 1st 2014. The General sales manager Jeff of the dealership at Bow Mel Chrysler, he assured me that if anything was found wrong with the truck I have 90 days to return it. The next day engine light came on. I made the dealership aware of this issue they took a look at it said nothing was wrong with the vehicle and that there was no further concern for the vehicle as the light had only flashed. I told the dealership I wanted out of the deal, I also found out the cab of the truck had moisture issues and had mold under the seats and the engine light had come back on. Jeff has told me to bring the truck back in if the light ever did come back on, which as far as he was concerned it never did come on, and they would simply turn it off, but with out a code stored from the light there was nothing they could nor would do to look into this for me. He told me to come back on the Friday to have a loaner vehicle waiting for me and they would clean up the truck and get rid of the mold for me. He told me they could not reverse the contract and told me the deal has been made according to the banks. He said they would so kindly give me 34,000$ as a trade in and I would just have to pay for the additional 9,000$ cost on a new vehicle which is apparently for the financing costs for the dodge. I called the bank and they had told me because I never gave the blank check they have not been funded for the vehicle yet and they must return my vehicle as the dodge had some issues with it. And the dealership CAN cancel a contract even after it has gone through the bank for up to 30 days They tried to charge me themselves for $9,000 and say it was a bank finance fee when the bank didnt finance it yet. And again, they could cancel the contract anytime up to 30days and avoid the fincance charge. Days went buy and a lady from bow mel had tried to contact me and stated in a Voice Message on my cell phone that they cannot finalize the deal unless they get that blank cheque which i had not provided them with. So I waited and got a hold of another dealership that had told me if I come in they would deal with the dealership (BOWMEL), they would take to dodge and trade it for the ranger and use it as a trade in for a new vehicle. I got into contact with the lady from BOWMEL and told her the situation and that I was not giving them a black cheque for I no longer had the dodge anymore and she got mad at me on the phone and told me I owned the vehicle and there was nothing I could do to get back my old vehicle even after she left me a voice message on my phone saying it was not finalized until they got the blank check. Waited another week. Bow mel had still said they weren’t giving anyone my 09 ford and that they had owned it with the deal we had originally made. An employee of Peter Baljet had dropped off the dodge back off at bow mel sometime around the March 7th, and bowmel had both vehicles and refused to give anyone the ranger. Even after they knew the deal was not going to go through the bank and I was not giving them a blank check. Still 2 weeks later, no funding had gone through. I refused to give them a blank check for a vehicle that has some issues which were I were not informed about before purchasing the vehicle. I also found out one week that they have gone and SOLD my 09 ford. Even after having the dodge dropped off back on their lot. They had both vehicles and still went and sold my truck. Iam also aware that a dealership cannot sell a trade in vehicle unless the funding through the bank has gone through or they have to pay out the loan/lien. And they had SOLD a vehicle to someone with a 15,500$ lien on it. They said they are sending a new check to my bank to pay it out again but nothing ever happened. I brought back the dodge, they could sell it to someone else. Its not like i crashed the vehicle and said sorry and I’m not paying for that, they got their vehicle back. They where also stating that after not wanting to, they would fix any problems with the vehicle, not good enough, i had previously asked them to fix the problems and they said there was nothing to look in to, theres nothing we can do, theres nothing wrong with the vehicle. When i have a picture of the engine light on my cell phone. They weren’t willing to fix the problem before so why now? I would never know if they actually do fix a problem in it because of how untrustworthy this whole experience has been, the lack customer service, all the lies being told from many different people that work there, the harassment I got, they admited to driving by my house to see what I was currently driving. The list goes on and on about what they have done to me. No one should ever have to deal with this. This is setting me back simply because they are and i quote from them”making an example out of this, the teach me a lesson” They knew they could let all this go but refuse to, they are telling people that the deal is off one day then the next telling me they are going to su me for 43,000$. After fighting with Jeff, Andre and the owner Todd of BowMel since March 1st about getting my 2009 Ford Ranger back, We agreed on a deal…I get my old truck back if I give them $3100, $500 down and $500 monthly payments till it is payed off. We agreed on this deal..Only to have the owner of BowMel change his mind and say they wanted $1000 down and $500 payments every month till its paid off. I offered them the $1000 down but with only 2 payments of $500. They declined. And stayed with the same $1000 down with monthly payments. Then I offered them $2000 down end of deal and no payments.. They declined.. So I walked in there this morning willing to take there deal since I was told last night it still stood there for me. As soon as they where aware of me wanting to make this deal happen…you guess it…they changed their minds yet again… And said $2000 down and 2 payments of $500…So I walked out. I left my old truck there. Everyting I worked towards since I was 18 years old for having good credit, never a late of missed payment is now going to be gone. And I know that. After fighting with a company that “Does good things for it community” I have chosen to walk away. I have fought and fought and fought for this to work, and many other people had to be there with me going through this and I lost. BowMel got exactly what they wanted out of me. They simply wanted to see me loose. They wanted to see a 21 year old female loose what she worked hard for. Sick isnt it? Really sick when they sit there and tell me they dont care about loosing the $3100 and its just pennies to a company like them, but they wouldn’t accept my $2000 cash in hand. No matter what I did this was a game. Even when I came to agree on something with them, they would change their minds about it. This was nothing more than a game to them. Is this really how people should be treated? Like garbage from a “head car dealership on Vancouver Island”? What a joke you are Bow.

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