Boww Down Auto Sound - Autotronix

Boww Down Auto Sound - Autotronix

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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Beware of these crooks! I was one if the idiots that went to Autotronix in Garden Grove/Westminster before they got shut down and their liscence revoked. They installed a stereo and some speakers into my vehicle and I ended up paying these jerks about $1,000. The stereo I bought NEVER worked correctly and seemed to be a complete pile of crap. I took my car back 2 times to have them fix it and it never got fixed right. The speakers sounded terrible too. They refused to fix the problem they created and said that I had to pay more fees to fix the problem after I already paid to have proper installation.I ended up getting in a huge argument with these guys because they told me to get the hell out of their store and never to come back there. They were complete rude jerks yelling in Arabic and laughing. I never had the problem fixed and of course would never go back there. I filed a complaint with the BEAR and Better business beaureu to get these jerks shut down. They finally got their liscence revoked thank god due to so many complaints, fraud and lawsuits against damaged vehicles from inproper installs. So,I finally decided to get a new stereo in my car after 2 1/2 years and checked out a few stereo places. I saw an ad in the Pennysaver from a place called Boww Down Auto Sound and they seemed to advertise some good deals so I went there. LOW AND BEHOLD…..THE SAME JERKS THAT RAN AUTOTRONIX ARE RUNNING THIS PLACE!!!!!! I even saw the same 2 jerks that were yelling in Arabic and told me to leave the store. They didn’t recognize me as they probbly have done this to so many people they can’t even remember faces. I acted interested in their products to try to get some information. I am furious that these same crooks are still able to work in this country. They were trying to swindle me into buying their garbage and crappy installation and as soon as I said that I would think about it and maybe come back they told me “Forget it and don’t bother comming back either”.These two guys are Bassam and Ahmad. Beware!!!! I am doing research on these guys and found out tons of info on them. If you are like me and have been screwed by Autotronics…They are now in Costa Mesa doing to others what they did to you under Boww Down Auto Sound at 1980 Harbor Blvd. I looked these guys up. They have lawsuits all over the place! They just keep opening up under someone elses name after they get shut down or sued big. They also have a store in FV called Crazy Stereo. Let’s ban together to shut these guys out for good! Dave Costa mesa, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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