Box of Fortunes

Box of Fortunes

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Published: 01 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This was initially a request to win a choice of products, I chose an ipad and was told I was a winner but to get this I had to enter an auction an bid on an item, so I did. That is how my banking details were made available. Once I realized I’d never win a bid which didn’t take long ,I got out of the site. I raced an email telling me my gift would be sent and a tracking number was given. Several emails were sent to the support team when the arrival week had passed but nothing was ever done from their end. I have now gone back through our bank statements and am horrified to find over $1000.00 taken using numerous names. As I do shop on line a fare bit my husband didn’t take any notice and it wasn’t until the last one that came under GPAY that I asked what that was and he didn’t know so we went back for the last 12 months. We are horrified that this had happened and now font know what to do about it. As pensioners we can’t afford this.

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