This company is completely outrageous.

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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: William

I don’t know if they\’re running a service or if they’re running a scam. First of all, they are saying that they would be sending you beauty care products. So what does Beauty care products mean? Beauty care products you mean that you would have a mix of skincare products makeup so it would be an overall package. After I subscribed for their services, I will send the first box. Then too Is leader I was sent the second box. So that is two boxes in one month. Where are the two boxes in two days back to back? I cancel the second box only to receive a bill for the second box again, two days. Later. The second box had all makeup items no skin care products first box had all makeup items. No skin care products. Why would I require such a lot of eye makeup? It is supposed to be skin care products as well. That is also included in Beauty care products, right? Second of all, why are you sending me two boxes in one month? Whereas you said that you would be sending me one box in one month and when you’re sending me the second box, you\’re charging me a very high-priced why? Why should I pay for your mistake?

They do not have anybody to speak to any customer care. I did get a call from somebody after. My reviews but they were very impolite. They even not professionals at all. I just would not recommend this service to anybody. I had to cancel my services with them but after I was charged a very high amount. This is not how you do business. And this is definitely not how you treat your customers. If this keeps on they would be very soon out of business this I wouldn’t go to them a second time.

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