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Published: 07 January 2020

Posted by: tssent

Company owner also owns ADI. ADI ran a ruse wherein they hired us to do work for them; once uploaded to their server, they shut us out and disappeared without paying. To make themselves look like the victims, they then launched vicious attacks on 5 websites which we have run for 10 years without one single complaint in all those years. It is difficult to serve them. At this writing they have only a P.O. address. The one physical address they give is a UPS Store. We have placed complaints with the FBI, Texas Travis County District Attorney, Texas Travis County Municipal Court, PayPal (through whom they ran the scam on us), Bank of America Mastercard (through which they paid then filed disputes to reclaim payments). Additionally, they have harassed our company non-stop, stalked us incessantly on the Internet, emailed and making both phone calls threatening the life of one of the owners, a nearly 70-year old man. Additionally they have spoofed our sites, infringed on copyrighted material in the doing and posted lies about at least one of our products they have never seen, owned, touched or inspected while claiming they have. We have irrefutable proof of delivery of the original work to them and have launched a lawsuit against them. You should deal with these individuals with the greatest of care. One of their members is a DAVID ALLENDER. ADI apparently also owns and might even be a part-owner of Tosta Caffe in University Place, Wa. This bunch is slippery and hateful. They hide very well and it is most difficult to serve them — ok if you don’t mind living the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. We’ll get them before a judge and jury eventually.

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