BP, Hess, 7-11

BP, Hess, 7-11

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Published: 26 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

this report is being filed on 3 different gas stations in the same orlando location…based on their irrational and unreasonable refusal to fill a customer’s gas tank when needed, abusive and hostile tactics, lies. I am highly sensitive to gasoline fumes and am generally unable to fill my own tank. I used to go to BP (alafaya trial/ucf) to go get my gas filled, but the workers there began becoming very aggressive rude and mean with me, insulting me, lying about me, then claiming that I was ‘getting their workers in trouble’ for asking that my gas tank be filled. Ok folks this is the 21st century–i know in a lot of states there is no such thing as full service, but if someone needs assistance for other reasons it shouldn’t be a big deal. The arrogant seemingly ill educated classless morons that worked at BP namely one ‘assistant manager’ in particular began acting in a very irrational and rude way when it came to filling my gas tank. At one point, as the jerk came to fill my tank, I moved my car to another pump not knowing that he was coming and later got insulted and yelled at by him and several workers for ‘moving my car’ as if I had offended him in some huge manner and was now under grounds for being threatened to not have my gas tank fillde anymore due to ‘moving a vehicle to another pump.’ if this isn’t absurd enough, I was then rerouted to the ‘handicapped’ gas pump which was then the ‘only pump’ tehy were able to help me out at…for no erason except most likely a form of degradation…when the handicapped pump situation wasn’t breaking my ba**s enough, they had added more and moer stipulations even then accusing me of ‘getting workers in trouble’ for simply requesting someone fill my tank. I even once had a random citizen overhear the imbeciles that work there, come outside and offer to fill my gas tank in shock that they couldn’t assist a customer with such a simple task. The loonies that worked there then finally, as the last straw claimde they were ‘unallowed’ to fill my gas tank anymore after several months of just sheer degradation and harassment for absolutely no reason. It just shows the direction society is going in–sheer inanity on another level..it takes less than 5 mins and no manpower to assist a customer with the filling of a gas tank and with several workesr there, these nuts just insulted harassed and used the situation to degrade a customer who needed help with something like that. The Hess station on univresity blvd and rouse road was less than helpful as well. They began the same greedy abusive hostile tactics similar to BP– and at first were semi ok with filling gas tank, but then began becoming very rude and aggressive as well especially particular female employees there….they even became hostile with the gas tank itself…seemed lke a bunch of heathens to me…the manner in which they were acting for filling gas for a customer and then of cousre finally the manager had to step in to finally say that…they couldn’t do it…why? of course no reason..except that…they simply just did not want to help a customer out. I attemped the 7-11 on alafaya trail/mcculloch and had an even worse experience…just complete and utter harassment by the trailer trash jerks that work there….no surprise of course…literal yelling and harassment for a simple request if someone could assist me with filling my gas. My question is.. what kind of pigs and freaks work at these places…that they sadistically get off on refusing to help out with something so simple and something that is so not a big deal on an ylevel? the managers are such psychos in my opinion….that instead of reprimanding their immature teenager high school dropout employees for being the angry belligerent jerks they are, they side with them and decide that it’s time to ban the customer from getting their gas tank filled by employees. for 7-11 it’s a supposed ‘legal issue’ but still the low class no education imbeciles that work there have to make it a personal issue to harass a customer for simply making a request… i just have to say…don’t need basic assistance at gas stations in this sick area and expect for the sick employees at these particular places to assist people with these kinds of simple tasks…they use it against people and use it as tactics to abuse and harass customers in avery hostile aggressive sadistic an derogatory manner, and it’s all approved up management, upper management and corporate itself…. anon orlando, FloridaU.S.A.

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