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Published: 29 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My State Inspection was due at the end of June and a Service Engine Soon light was on in my car and it was bugging me. So I took it to Auto Zone and had them do a free check up on it. They gave me the codes that it gave them and told me what the problems were. So being I was told what it was and that I decided to wait until my State Inspection was due. Then I took my car to get inspected at Bradford Automotive, they told me that I failed on both State Inspection and Emissions. So I replaced the license plate tag bulb, and the right front tire for the inspection part of it. For the Emissions I was told that I would have to pay up to $150.00 in order for it to be waived if in fact they couldn’t get my Service Engine Soon light to go out. I was told they would give it a tune-up and check to see if that corrected the problem with the light. Well to find out when I called about my car to see how much it would cost in order to get it they told me it was $201.83. They replaced an ignition module in the car. I was then also told that the radiator was cracked. Feeling alittle uneasy I still went and got my car and paid for the bill. When I got into my car the Service Engine Soon light was still on. I then came home and called a trusted mechanic and dealer I brought it from and explained to him what they did and what they told me. He told me that I did not need a new ignition module put in and that being the car had misfires that it just needed a tune-up. He also told me that when he put on my tires and brakes a few weeks eariler that my radiator was fine and not a crack on it. I then took my car back to Auto Zone and had the check up done again to see if the same codes and problems came up. And of course the exact same ones came up in the system. Which means that what the garage did to my car was nothing, they just wanted to make a quick $150.00. I went to Bradford’s being they had the emission waiver, which means if I put up to $150.00 in the car showing I tried to get the Service Engine Soon light to go out and if it didn’t that it would in fact pass. I then contacted the BBB and sent in a complaint. About a week later the mechanic that inspected my car was calling my house and harrassing me. Saying all kinds of horrible things. Saying that the emissions computer told him that I needed the ignition module replaced. And that he didn’t need my lousy $150.00 and I could bring in the car and they would scrape off my stickers and give me my money back. I never took the car back being I needed the stickers and I needed the waiver and didn’t know of any other garages that do waivers. I’m currently still waiting on word from the BBB Jessica Red Lion, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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