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Published: 28 February 2020

Posted by: jason hurt

[protected] I am not only a current resident of Brady-station apartment homes, but also a very dissatisfied tenant.After a obscene altercation with a receptionist this afternoon I feel it is necessary to bring it to the attention of whom it may concern to identify clear misconduct, mis-representation and the experience that my family, which includes my wife Samantha and our 2yr old daughter, have been through. Starting with the day we viewed the property, We inquired about a 2bed/2bath apartment, and were shown a model apartment home due to the unavailability of unit that is actually rented, I believe is the same apartment as shown on the website which was a 1bed/1bath.We viewed the unit with an agent named Amber, she highlighted features that would be included if we decided to go with an “upgraded” apartment, which included crown molding around the ceilings, hard counter tops, dark cabinets, vinishion blinds, black appliances, new knobs and locks, ceiling fans etc.She mentioned aminites included in the lease which covered trash removal, extermination, and routine maintenance that is completed throughout the month without list or call-ins, which I am soon to realize is not the case.Everything sounded great we agreed to a 7month lease, for 826/monthly plus other fee’s, water etc.Hoping to get a view of the 2bed/2bath before lease signing.I was told the unit available #321, was not ready to view due to maintenance being done, no other information was given to me about the preparation.Unfortunately I was not able to view the dwelling before lease singing due to this reason, I trusted the agent that showed us the property so I was ok at the time with continuing the application process.After establishing a move-in date that was a week or so away and many attempts to see the apartment, (none successful), we moved into the unit, settled in and everything appeared to be in place The day we moved-in we noticed the location of unit in which we would be staying.At the end of the complex, directly in-front of the U.S Postal Service buildings employee entrance, night drop, and loading dock.The inside was not as appealing the model that was presented at the point of sale, the door knobs were obviously not new, the blinds on the windows were regular size, the ceilings have no type of molding, the counter tops were painted over, as well as the cabinets appeared dull and aged. At the time, just in the presence of the new apartment we felt like everything was put together to appear as an upgraded unit but not completely finished before we arrived.Due to the location of our apartment we are subject to alot of noise from the 18-wheeler trucks that load/unload there mail throughout the night and starting at 4am, not to mention months of jackhammering and construction that took place starting at 6am each morning, shortly after I moved in.I made no complaint of the issues since I knew it was out the control of Brady-station apartments, and other tenants had already complained at that time.At this point it doesn’t take long to realize what exactly I had agreed too, months have went by with several calls to maintenance for a/c and plumbing issues, as well as pest issues.To be more specific, the a/c thermostat has never worked correctly, it continues to not shutoff or turn on at the desired temperature, I believe the filter has only been changed 1 time since move-in, I would certainly recommend every 30 days, the master bath has not had a working toilet in months, my light fixtures have several burnt out bulbs including bathrooms, kitchen refrigerator, over the oven and sink, and in the loosely hanging rail of of small lights in the kitchen, Although I must say there has been a hand full of techs that have made service calls in my apartment each have been friendly and courteous, but lack the ability to complete the work order or fix it correctly to were another call to office is almost certain.I myself have to troubleshoot most of the issues and replace bulbs etc., due to the weeks it takes for maintenance to respond, unfortunately many of these items are particular to the appliances and fixtures, to were I end up having to call to the office many times, to “get on the list”, as they call it.I still have these inconveniences going on presently but have given up calling to the office and expecting it to be taken care of.I even signed a new lease in November 2010, despite the trouble it was not worth the risk of going through all this again, I also made it very clear to Chris that my patio door did not lock and had no screen, and that it wasn’t a problem until now, but my daugther has started to walk and reach, and he assured me it would be fixed, promptly since Iam on a upstairs apartment(it still has not been fixed, very unsafe.)Also that I was never given a key card for the computer or gym, since the first lease signing he realized that one was never issued and gave a new one(that still to this day does not work.) At that time I had already been in a dispute with Gabbie(an agent that works in the front office)about the night drop location, for some reason she would never want to tell my spouse or me its whereabouts, after several complaints that my shift ended after 7:15pm, that information was later discovered, also a pest issue that included a massive adult spider web that I called in to get removed due to size and danger of it, in which Gabbie recommended us to swat it with a broom stick, according to her, a maintenance call was not necessary.(note:that case was reported to BH management and was taken care very quickly).Also a request for a bill or even receipt from Brady-station showing rent due or late fee’s, has never been provided to us, (although an eviction notice is worth the ink) many request have been made, no action is ever taken. If that is policy then I would like be advised at minimal. In continuation, with Gabbie and the previous debacles today’s confrontation started with a call to my wife, from Gabbie informing us that we still owed 108.00 in late fee’s for this months rent, which we were aware of and had previously agreed to pay today with another agent named Chris on Friday(after a 900.00 m/o). Gabby stated rent would be 188.00 on Friday if we couldn’t pay it we had to “get out” on Friday.My wife was upset feeling threatened but that she was in the middle of work and would call back.Gabbie stated ok and hung up, my wife contacted me stating the above, I called Gabbie to confirm the remaining amount due, she informed me 146.00 was today’s total remaining fee’s, I requested a breakdown of the 146.00 to see what had been applied, she immediately was defensive rushing through her words to where I couldn’t understand her explanation, I asked her to repeat it, she got impatient raising her tone to a level I could not dismiss, after asking her to not yell and slow down, she then told me she didn’t have to explain and literally hung up on me, very unprofessional, I was in disbelief and immediately called back, at this time iam very upset she answered again, realized it was me and disconnected the line, the third call yielded a result, she told me if I had any questions I needed to come to the office. With the past experiences with Gabbie and everything mentioned above still looming, I decided to go the office and get information, as soon as I walked in she immediately stopped the conversation she was having with 2 people in her office, I quickly realized she was hanging up on me in front of these people, she was shocked to see me as she got to the front desk I asked her why she was hanging up on me, she replied “you need to calm down or I’m calling security”, said I was making a scene and told me to leave the office and the whole time she was the only person acting obscene, I was very upset about this asked to speak with a manager she was getting the number I asked her about the trash policy and how ever since Ive lived here no-one has ever pick-up my trash out side the door, even though it meets all requirements she stated that the trash pick-up at the door is just a courtesy and they dont have to pick it up, (which is fine with me but it just compiles with list offers that were never fulfilled, during the point of sale, which amber made very appealing.I feel as if you dont provide that service then shouldn’t offer that as a selling point during a negotiation it is very misleading and I would hope is not charged in the lease), at this point I asked for the number again she refused to give me Susan’s number or to anybody else that could help.I asked about the amount again and told her I just paid 900.00, she sarcastically responded that “I just pay when I want”, I replied back “is that how you talk to your residents”, she responded “don’t talk to me like your an adult” at this point I’am livid, shocked and upset that my apartment complex is treating me like this after I pay good money to live here, we go back an forth a few more times, I left the office very upset, confused and with no information on what I needed or any help. In conclusion, I write this formal complaint today to hopefully get some resolve, I realize that I pay rent late sometimes but there is no need to get this result from a simple question.$148.00 late fee is not a reason to treat tenants like this, considering my income for 2010 was over 60, 000.00, a little under 9, 000 in rent was paid to you based of my money orders receipts, and my lease yields a potential 10, 000 more if that’s not adult money I don’t know what is, even though I’am only 24years of age I expect to be treated fairly and in an ethical manner as anyone would.I would like to thank you for your time and I hope my concerns are taken seriously I certainly have no problem escalating this complaint to a executive office to get the appropriate action taken. Jason Hurt

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