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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, I was in desperate need to get my hair done for an event on Sunday. I call the braiding g house asking if they had an opening they said no, someone called me back and said come on in so I did when I arrived they took me straight away. The girl looled at my hair she stated that I hsd a really short spot but would be ok. The one person started my hair and after about an hour a second person started helping her. I was fine with that because I use to get my hair done here many times before and gets done quicker thst way. So as I was getting my hair done the one who started my hair left for about 20 minutes and the other for about 10 minutes when they came back they began speaking in french and was pulling on my short spot they kept braiding and talking . Another customer came in and the the one who started my hair got pulled to do someone else’s hair. Which I feel should have been approved by me the first client which was never discussed. So thst left the other lady I believe she said her name was momma, contes to do my hair and was telling me the hair I was using was good for my hair because it was not heavy and it wouldn’t pull my hair out. So while she was doing my hair she left for about 25 minutes to do what I don’t know. But I feel as if your going to step away from your client you should let them know what you are doing just in case they want to go get a drink or something to eat. When she came back a young lady who had been there since 1pm started complaining about people leaving before her that started getting service after we’re leaving and done. But that’s not the clincher as she got up to find out what was going on because her person had gone somewhere too, well as she was walking her braids started falling out, she became very upset and a big huge argument began so my lady that was doing my hair became involved with that conversation and stop doing my hair again never saying anything to me as she as she was trying to help the situation. Never the less my hair was finally done and on Sunday morning as I was getting dressed I notice that I had a lot of stringy, frayed hair that was not cut my hair was so frizzy that I had to try and cut some of it so it would look nice for my event. Later that day 2 of my twist came out and by the end of the day the total was 6. I called the shop and went in on Monday for them to fix, I got home and notice 2 other twist about to come out so I called back and I also lost 2 in the front of my head I went back on Friday they told me to come back Saturday 5pm I went back on Saturday and they told me they were really busy and come on today Tuesday at 4pm I call them to tell them I was coming at 4 and the people thst are suppose to be doing my hair they say they are there. I am going to go into the shop today and see what’s going to happen . My advice is NEVER EVER EVER GO TO BRAIDING HOUSE AT SECURITY MALL. THE ARE SO VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND REALLY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS. TO BE CONTINUED TODAY AFTER 4PM. GOD BLESS EVERYONE .

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