Brain Key Research Chemicals

Brain Key Research Chemicals

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Published: 03 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a fake research chemicals company. It was indeed a 419 and Nigerian Scam. I just got burned $$$$$! They will response to you quickly, after you paid them the money. They will give you a fake tracking website International Maritime Logistics for fake Tracking details that it will stay in the custom forever for whatever reason. If you receive as your tracking company, that means you just got ripoff. Only massive bulk quantity is required for order, you can’t order small quantity. You must at least order 450 usd and above They even have Stupid ‘Undergroud’ delivery to collect more money from you for safer delivery. They will use fake Nigeria or Camaroon name money mule to collect the money.Avoid it if you can. Avoid these email: [email protected] [email protected] Avoid this phone number: +447042050601 1-856-4486510 61-280-3764661 Avoid the person name: Turker Frank Turker Allen Garey Clackson Jack Peterson (((link redacted)))One report of other person got burned under the comment section. This is the Money Mule detail. Name: Brukwa Julius Ngweh Address: Thanon Si Ayutthaya, Thung Phaya Thai, City: 10400, Bangkok Country: Thailand

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Brenda Vellance

I’ve been a Psychotherapist for many years and I am excellent in helping folks figure out what’s the issue and then helping

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Scam I too ordered 3 of them never received them!!’ Beware Previous Review Next Review

Jason Elliott Clark

This individual named Jason E. Clark or Jason Elliott Clark, past names Graham, Terry was born /1971 and currently he is using another

Coly Cattery

I filed a police report today… they are going to try to trace url from emails… I also have an outside company doing the same

Mr. Michael Wade

I have extensive experience with children and adolescents, as well as working with their families. I also have experience working with

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They have been scamming online gullible buyers for past 5 years (5 years they have been in this business according to them) Email hacker


I would just like everyone to know this company and how it operates first hand. And as a customer of this company for more than two years

Mercy Suarez

I believe positive change and endless possibilities are within reach with the right tools and mindset. I can help you view different