Brake Check Store 527

Brake Check Store 527

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Published: 06 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I visited the aforementioned Brake Check Location on a Thursday because I experience a noise and vibrating feel when I pressed my brakes that morning. The previous day was rainy, and some flooding had occurred near my car while it was parked. Anyway, I went to Brake Check and stated that my ABS brake light was on, and that my brakes vibrated and made a funny noise when I pressed them, perhaps caused by rain damage but that I was not sure, as I am not a mechanic. During the course of my wait, I was called into the service area twice to inform me that additional “REQUIRED hazard-related” repairs were need for my car. Well, even after waiting from 8AM to 12:30PM for my repairs, I was taken for a drive in my car and was told that my car was still not repaired, and the same noise could easily be heard. Further, I was told that “we think it’s your ABS system,” and was given a hefty estimate of $750 to repair this system. Mind you, I stated that the ABS system should have been checked when I walked in. After missing work for nothing, I left Brake Check feeling as if I was not respected, particularly as a female client. I was able to have a second mechanic review the car that very next day (Friday) and was told that all the work that had been done was pointless….what they had done were basic maintenance-related stuff that was not needed or “required” on my car at this time. Just a side note, this second mechanic had worked on my brakes 3 months previous, so he said he would’ve told me if I needed that extra brake work done. The only reason I went to Brake Check in the first place is because I was afraid to drive far out to my trusted mechanic with my brakes so feeling so bad. I subsequently submitted a complaint through the Brake Check website. To their credit, I was contacted a few days later by representative of Brake Check, who was responding to my online complaint. When we spoke, the gentleman listened to my narrative regarding what occurred, and stated that based upon his experience with car repair, I was definitely misled at that Brake Check location. He stated that he would look into pulling up my files and seeing “what we can do for you to settle this situation,” and that he would call again. He stated that water damage would not have caused me to need an entire ABS system repaired, especially on such a new car. After that conversation, I did not speak to this representative again, and my subsequent phone calls to him have not been returned. I hope no one else gets squandered like I did. I cannot speak for other Brake Check locations, but please beware of the one I’m reporting here. They will milk you without any hesitation!! Yolanda Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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