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Published: 28 December 2018

Posted by: jobseeker123

I got an email informing me I have an interview with Brand Me Marketing on the 19th August and I went in for the interview the next day… alarm bells starting ringing straight away as I only just posted my CV online and I couldn’t actually remember applying for the job role. I looked them up online, found nothing but a very vague website not saying what they actually do.The next day I arrive for my interview, it was in a very run down office, that looks like they could pack up and go any second. More alarm bells, there was at least another 10 people sat down waiting for their interview. Reminded me of a bunch of people waiting to be tricked into doing slave labour. I get called in to meet the managing director, “sophie” and then followed to weirdest interview experience ever.She spent the whole 10 minutes of the interview talking at me and telling me how the company had been around for so many years and how they are so successful and getting million pounds worth of contracts… if they were so successful, why didn’t they invest a bit in their office?Before I have the chance to ask any questions she basically ushered me out the door and said if I’m successful I’ll have a call later on that evening. Of course, I get a call later on in the evening inviting me to a full days worth of training. Still not sure what they job even is I get there the next morning and see everyone I saw yesterday waiting in the reception area. I’m paired up with this guy, I can’t remember his name but he is my “experienced trainer” for the day. He doesn’t even tell me where we are going but next thing I know we’re at the train station and I’m told to pay for my own train fare cos we are going somewhere in The Valleys for the day. Ok so at this point I still have no idea what the job is, we get there he sets up some clipboards and starts harassing strangers in the street… I felt sooooo awkward, they all looked so annoyed and I felt bad for the poor people he was bothering. Even people on wheelchairs, I have to say though they’re not all bad… there was this tall guy with brownish hair from Manchester or something working with us that day and he was very polite and didn’t bother anyone. But anyway I have to stand there all day looking at him harassing people and then he tells me it’s all commission… he wouldn’t even tell me how many people he managed to get to fill out his form cos apparently you are only paid on the amount of forms you fill in and I only saw one being filled in hmmmmmmm They all seem so brainwashed, talking about how they’re going to open up offices and how they are going to be millionaires and how they earn so so so much but I heard the guy talk about how he has hardly any money and he is going to have to ask for an advance of money cos he couldn’t afford to travel every day I was so angry at this point, I’m looking for a real job that can pay my rent, car, phone bills and give me food on the table not a gamble of whether I can make money or not they pay for their own travel costs and train fair as they go around the whole of wales and sometimes bristol every day … so what if you don’t actually sell anything? you make a loss? hmmmmmmmm avoid at all costs – dodgy commission only job standing around harassing old ladies in shopping centers all day

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