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Very bad experience! Terrible!

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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: Shirley

We found our perfect car at this dealership though. Our friends had warned us not to go for this dealership ever because they had so many fall so many flaws and completely unprofessional still even for it because we found this car that was our dream car and we wanted it just because we could not find this model anywhere else we went for it. That\’s why we went to the English ship The night before we switched ownership our salesman told us that if there is any problem we can call him back and he would get everything fixed if there are any if there is any problem with the car. They also told us that the cars were all maintenance checked and we would not have any problem. The first thing that came to our notice was the burnt-out headlights. They did not seem to care though. There was problem we couldn’t drive it because it would be illegal to drive the car without headlights. Still love me. And Next day, we had an appointment because we needed to get the headlights fixed. We waited there for four hours just to put in a bulb from another car from the lot. They did not even have spare parts for my car. They had to get it from another car in the lot of the same model and they would just get it replaced. So that is what they do. There are many things that did not fall into place in the car. So there were many other defects in the car as well.

There are many things the salesperson did not inform us. They said that they had forgotten to tell us that the remote key was not working or was broken. We found that we had a wrong remote key. They did not even give us a spare key. The remote key was broken so they gave us a wrong remote key. I was so fed up that I thought I should let everything go and just order it online. That would be better. So after me putting forward so much of bad experiences and giving them so bad ratings. The new manager calls me up. Says that he would fix everything up as he is the new manager, but for that I need to give them a better rating and the better review. Then only he would get it fixed. So, That’s what I did. It has still been three weeks. I still have no solution to it. This is how they are running business.

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