Brandon Mitsubishi

Brandon Mitsubishi

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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a ’95 Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder from Brandon Mitsubishi. These are really rare cars and they have a retractable hardtop run by a computer and about 15 sensors. The top takes special training and a computer program to fix. During my test drive I noticed a minor intermitent problem with the top. The sales person told me they had one of the specially trained techs and they would fix it. This was a written term for the sale. They worked on the car 10 times. I spoke with the tech directly because I did not believe he had been to the class and he told me he had even though I had called Mitsu corp and they gave me a list of registered techs. They would not even call one of the registered techs for help upon my request. During this stretch of 3 months and 10 visits they: Ordered the wrong parts forgot my car was there broke 2 windshields broke rearview mirror replaced the window but sealed it incorrectly then left it out in a storm and flooded it tires picked up 4 screws while at the shop They did fix the parts above that they broke except the tires but did not repair the actual initial problem. I finally had to drive 4 hours to a registered tech and West Palm Mitsubishi. They were great. They found that when Brandon Mitsu replaced a part they grounded out a wire which blew the computer ($3000). He replaced the computer. I had to make one more visit there which was anothe $1000 but it works great now. Another issue with Brandon Mitsu is that they do not return phone calls and have very bad customer service. I spoke with the general manager and he would not respond. He had a lawyer write me a note. Jimmy Brandon, FloridaU.S.A.

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