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Brandstar Entertainment is a FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!!

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Published: 04 September 2017

Posted by: Virginia S. Gilliam

First of all the reason I stated all the names I know they are sheltering under is that their legal office already tried to take off this post from any message board or forum they could. THEY EVEN THREATENED TO SUE ME FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. But they can’t because they’re already suing me. These fuckers are crooked as fuck.
My wife and I own a travel agency and we have several offices located in Florida. Most of our business comes from referrals and from personal connections we made over the years. We were doing ok and things were going well.
Then about 19 months ago, I was approached by some prick that works as an executive at O2 Media, actually their BrandStar Entertainment division was offering me an advertising opportunity with their network. I turned him down easily but he was persistent as fuck. He somehow got a hold of my personal email, and later on my phone number and kept calling me and trying to set up a meeting. I was not interested at all but this fuck kept bugging me and so I agreed to hear him out just so he would leave me alone. He set me up a meeting with Mark Koncsol, some kind of an exec at that bullshit company.
These fucks were all sweet when we got there and offered us a tour of their studios and facilities which I wasn’t impressed by and then they presented their pitch. They offered us to produce a 2-3 minute segment that would feature in one of their bullshit shows and be shown at least 30 times on national television to a viewership of at least 35 million people. What use would I have from that? What use would it be to me if someone in New York sees my ad? They won’t use an agency from Florida to book a holiday; they would use a local one. Anyhow they wanted to charge me $28,000 for that. I said no and we walked out of there. But these guys kept stalking me.
Mark Koncsol contacted me at least 30 times in the span of a week insisting that they would devise a payment plan for me and that I would reap the benefits 100%. I still said no! Then he called me and told me he would make a really good offer that I wouldn’t be able to refuse. What he offered was for a down payment of a $1,900 after which they would start the production of my segment and run it 5 times and if I like it we would proceed. So we sent them a check for $1,900 and they contacted us 4 days later requesting additional $10,000 for the production and for the ads that they already ran. But they ran shit!!! THEY DIDN’T even start the production. AND TO TOP IT ALL, I HAVEN’T SIGNED ANY CONTRACT!!!!
I contacted my lawyer and requested my money back but was greeted with a suit from them for the full $29,000!!! WHAT THE FUCK! My lawyer requested for them to show the basis for their claim and they pulled out a contract. BUT IT WASN’T BY ME. These idiots forged my signature and used the check I sent them to convince the court that in fact, I had accepted the terms of that contract. WHAT A BUNCH OF SCAMMING ASSHOLES. They can do this to anyone ‘cos they have a lawyer who is specialized in these types of cases and he created that bullshit contract in the first place. THIS IS A CLASSIC SCAM AND THESE FUCKERS ARE EXTORTING MONEY OUT OF PEOPLE!
We are still awaiting a trial date but in the meantime, I am posting my story everywhere I possibly can but these assholes keep taking it down with intimidation and lawsuit threats. So make sure you spam it all over the WEB. People are getting ripped off by this fraudulent company and only the truth can stop them. My lawyer told me that there is good chance that I would lose that money in court, and they can charge with their legal fees as well. I stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if these fucks get their way.
SHARE THIS STORY everywhere you can ‘cos this fucking company is trying really hard to cover everything up so that they can continue doing it!

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