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Published: 29 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Within 5 days of making my purchase at Brandt Auto Brokers, I knew I had made a mistake. The “check engine” light came on when I had driven the car less than 200 miles, and the follow-up (done by two mechanics–one independent and one with a local dealership) revealed the car had numerous problems, including a leaking motor mount seal, malfunctioning sensors and warped brakes. When I reported the problems to the dealership, (within one week of purchasing the vehicle) they disavowed any responsibility, blaming instead the auto mechanic I had used, the Audi dealership and the rain for the car’s problems. (Again, I had driven the car only 200 miles at this time.) Dissatisfied with the treatment I received from the dealership concerning the car and its problems, I gave the company a negative review on a customer satisfaction survey. This is when my “customer service” issues with Brandt compounded and prompted me to file this complaint. On the weekend of June 28, I received a follow-up phone call on my customer satisfaction survey complaint. During the call, the owner of Brandt LITERALLY LAUGHED at my problems, mocked me openly and told me “I have no intention of helping you, but even if I DID, you wouldn’t be satisfied.” This was the least of the insulting things Brandt said to me over the telephone. Appalled by his treatment of a customer, I asked Brandt if he was tape recording the conversation for his records, as I wanted to have a record of the call to prove how poorly I was being treated. He laughed and replied, “Why should I record this? I own the business.” My unfortunate phone conversation with Brandt lead to my filing of a complaint on June 28 (the day of the call wherein Brandt mocked me) with the Better Business Bureau. I received a confirmation on my report the following week. To date, the BBB reports receiving 7 complaints against Brandt Auto Brokers. The phone call also lead to a series of emails wherein Brandt again refused to acknowledge that he and his company had sold a car which was in sub-prime condition. I have kept all of the emails sent both by myself and by Brandt Auto Brokers. In them, Brant makes several false claims about the facts of the case–and I have documentation to disprove each of the false claims. (False claims include Brandt’s statement that the problems with the car were the “dealership’s attempts to rip me off”, despite the fact that I informed Brandt that the car had been initially inspected by an independent mechanic and that the dealership had not charged me a penny for the repairs on the sensors. Additional false claims include that Brandt said I told him the brake work for the car would cost $1,500. This was NEVER the case. Brake work on the car was quoted at $500. The list of exaggerations and factual inaccuracies goes on and on.) In any event, following the series of emails, nothing was resolved. At this point, I harbor no illusions that anything ever will be resolved. Thus, I only wish to warn others of the treatment they might receive should they choose to purchase a vehicle from Brandt Auto Brokers. I would not recommend Brandt Auto to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. FedUp Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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