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Published: 04 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In December of 2005, we brought our car, a 1998 Mazda to Brandys as the Engine light was on, would not go off and the car was running poorly. I will spare the details of what they said was wrong with the car, but the total cost was $1800. Against our better judgement, we paid them to fix the car and we picked it up. 2 days later, the car would not start again, so we brought it back (actually had to have it towed back). They said that there was another problem with the car that had to be fixed. Denying that the original repair was a waste that both of these things needed to be done. When questioned about not finding the secondary problem the first time, they used a lame excuse that they could not take responsiblity for it. Ok, so the “repairs” occured, they got their money and we drove our car home, again…. 2 days and $2500.00 later, the car does not start again. We are stuck going there at this point… so, it gets towed back. Oh, now we need a new engine… could cost thousands. The mananger was a total a*s that did not know what he was doing and would not know customer service if it slapped him in the face. I had several phone converstations with him suggesting that his facility had made a wrong diagnosis of the problem the 1st two times, although I am no mechanic, I have some commen sense. He refused to entertain that idea and insisted that the car just had this many problems. He refused to believe that they made an error in diagnosing our car. He refused to go back and look at the diagnostic codes from the testing. He refused to give any of our money back. After informing him that I would be contacting the BBB, I informed him that I would like to “return” the parts that he put in my car for a refund. He was able to refund about $300 after weeks of our car sitting in his parking lot. AFter all was said and done, we bought a new car. The money that we spent on getting our car “repairs” was taken out of our wedding fund (we got married 3 months later). DO NOT GO TO BRANDYS…NOT EVEN FOR AN OIL [email protected]!!!!!!!! They take no responsibility for the work that they do..if in fact the do work…. Jack***es Sue lisle, IllinoisU.S.A.

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