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Bravo Auto Body

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Published: 04 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought 2 cars at the auction in Seattle in mid august when i was there i did not get the auction card so this guy was there with me .his name is eduardo do i use his card so to purchase those 2 cars and he help me choose them at the beginning a very nice guy since he is a mechanic i ask him to repair them we agree about $1000 for the fees to repair the car and another $1000 for the parts .so before i left Seattle i give the $1000 for the parts and told him i will send him the other $1000 via Western union for the work .i expplain him i m on the road right now working but when i m done after summer i m gonna be back in Seattle to pick up the 2 cars .10 days after he call me asking more money telling me one the car need more parts the amount exact was $425 i send him and a week after he told the small car who is a kia rio need a new engin and he can get a rebuid engin and labor for $900 i send him the money too all money’s was send by Western union and i have all transactions record and finally when i decided to to take my car .he ask me to give him $800 and i ask him for what he told me he was trying one of the car and he got a ticket from the cops because the did not have a license plate..and i told him .i not sending him nothing i m coming to pick up my 2 cars .that s when he start menacing me .like the 2 cars still in my name i m not giving you nothing until you pay me the ticket . I went to seattle a month ago to confront him now he is changing statement saying i did not pay him the labor and storage fees .and i notice the car he was asking me for engine he never touch tha car .hever baught the parts at the bigining .theguy just got me .a very dishonest guy .greedy .lier .i have a court day in dec 2 . since that i flying again in Seattle dc 1 .the whole thing is pissing me off dealing with crooks not honest people running this type of bizness just to ripped off people.

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