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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a used car a little over a month ago from Brazil Autoplex, in Brazil, IN. 2 days after I had the car I noticed it wasn’t running right. So I took the car back to them for them to look at. They told me to drive the car until the service engine light came on- so I did. When it finally came on about a week later, I took the car back over to them and made an appointment to get the car looked at a few days later. When I took the car in, I asked them if they were going to take care of the bill, seeing how I had only had it a couple of weeks, and they said yes. When I went to pick up the rental car, the rental company informed me that I was only allowed 150m per day on the rental. This was a problem, because I was getting ready to go to Alabama as a necessity. I had the rental co. call the car lot to make sure that they were going to pay the overage on the mileage before I took the rental- which they also agreed to do. So I took the rental. The following week they called me at work and said that my car was finished and that I needed to come pick it up because they needed to get the rental car back – at that time they informed me that they were only going to pay $150 on the rental, which obviously I had well exceeded. The next morning I went to pick up my car. At that time they tried to charge me a $100 deductable (out of $200) and $172 dollars of the rental (which just happened to be the overage on the mileage that they had agreed to pay for). Well, naturally I through a fit about it until they waived the deductable – but I still ended up paying for the rental. When I left with the car, I immediately noticed that it still wasn’t running right. Since I have an extended warranty on the car, I decided to take the car to a different GM dealership to have it looked at. -Which also happened to be 30min closer to where I live. The other dealership looked at the car and told me an estimated guess on what they thought was wrong with the car (quite a long list) At that time they suggested that I take the car back to Brazil. I explained to them what had happened and that I preferred them to fix the car. They said ok and set up an appointment for me to drop the car off. A week later, I dropped off the car and got another rental. Later on that afternoon they called me at work, and told me that GM refused to let them work on my car. And that I had to take it back to Brazil. I was completely shocked. It states in the warranty papers, that I should be able to take it to any GM dealership and get it worked on. So now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with this mess. It has been a month now, and my car is still not fixed. I refuse to take the car back so that they can screw me over again, but if no one else will fix it, them what am I supposed to do…. I will start in on customer service now in hopes that I might accomplish something there. But for now, I have completely lost all faith and convidence in GM and what it supposeably stands for. Joleen ‘Marshall, Illinois

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