Breanna Anderson

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Breanna Anderson is nothing but a whore

My husband was going to school at Universal Technical Institute at Avondale, and Breanna Anderson worked at the finance department there. She was the one who was helping him get his scholarship formalities out of the way. So she knew he had been married for 6 years and that he had a 4 year old son at home. But that didn’t stop her from seducing him or screwing him in her car. He was depressed at time and she used that to her advantage.
They did this from three weeks in December from the 16th, when I thought he was doing Lyft in the evenings. I noticed that my husband was acting differently, and I saw some weird text messages. When I asked him about it, he only gave me lies. Then I found an FB message from her, even after she had stopped working at UTI. He said she was just a friend.
I got pregnant around that time. I had had a miscarriage before, and a baby was something we had both wanted at that time. But the day I decided to surprise my husband with the news was the day I found proof on his phone that they were sleeping together. I called her up, and she kept on denying that anything was going on between them. She told me not to argue when I was pregnant and even cried!
This woman is just a slut, screwing around with married men. Now thanks to her, I can’t enjoy this beautiful time with my husband. She works with BMW now by the way.


  1. Zoldan Law August 30, 2017
  2. Her Boss September 1, 2017

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