Breck T Higgins

Breck T Higgins

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Breck Higgins has struck again. Curently he is behind $8,302.57 and over $5800 in unpaid medical. He has requested several modifications, all denied, reported that I did not support my son with child support money when he does pay, DCSE found those alligations untrue. He has not seen his daughter in almost 3 years excpet for 5 minutes outside the court house in Payson, AZ. And even then he walked right past her and did not recognize her! February of 2018 he married his 4th wife, in April he was arrest and charged with 2nd degree felony assault on her. He has plead not guilty and is out on bail and has to wear an ankle monitor. He allegedly kicked her in the foot and broke the Talus bone cuz she spent $60 at the grocery store, he then grabbed her by the throat choked her and threw her down a flight of stairs in their home. Please keep in mind that these are alleged charges he has been accused of BUT not convicted of. He also allegedly did this to wife number 4 in front of her daughter. And he never onced visited her when she was hospitalized or called to see how she was…….. Currently he has to wear an ankle GPS monitor, he is not allowed at any establishments that serves alcohol. But when you cant pay your child support you should not be at those places anyway…right? Well he is still hangiing at the local pubs….like The Pub on Colfax right by his mommy’s house. Where he lives at 45. He owns a Harley but can’t pay child support, races a dirtbike but cant afford child support, can afford an attorney for his criminal charges but can’t pay child support. Wont file taxes because they take his returns for back child support. Has not and does not visit his kids and the one is 19, if I wanted to keep him away from him I could’nt he is 19 and he lives in a different state then me. He has never paid child support on his own. He always has to be garnished. We spent 6 months looking for him to get him served with court documents….we found him had him served at a court hearing for his assault charges. JUst to be a p***k he filed a restraining order against me. SAid his blood pressure was up over 200 cuz of me…. He thought I was going to have to come to Colorado…nope!….I appeared via telephone…it was great making his mommy have to take off work to go to court and he had to appear while I sat in my office. I babbled for 40 minutes The good news is if he is convicted he is facing 8-16 years in jail!!!!!…….and then my daughter can be adoppted by her stepfather something she wants dearly……… Ladies stay clear! DEAD BEAT AWARD WINNER HERE! PS wife #4 has filed for divorce! It took 7 weeks for him to crush this marriage and crush anothers heart and life! However I am very honnored to say She is a very dear freind of mine!

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