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The dentist at Brenchley Dental damaged one of my nerves!!!

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Published: 25 June 2019

Posted by: Elinore

They don’t issue refunds and put the blame on me for the messed up treatment!! Don’t visit these guys.

Brenchley dental is full of thieves and bastards. The dentists here are incompetent and irritating. They don’t care about the health of the patients. They claim to be experts but in reality, they are terrible professionals who shouldn’t even be allowed to practice. They did such a poor job with my treatment that I’m not visiting the place ever again. They don’t take any responsibility for their mistakes and they don’t like it when you call them out for their mistakes. It’s clear to me that these guys are nothing more than a scam. the dentists here are too lazy or ignorant and the staff is just the same. My experience with this place was horrible and I would advise you to keep away from these people.

I had visited the place to get a Root Canal Treatment. First, they made me wait for an hour in the waiting room AFTER the time of my appointment. I had gotten tired of waiting and I was about to leave when I finally got called in. during the treatment, the dentist disturbed one of the nerves near my teeth. It was really painful. I shrieked because of the pain but the dentist didn’t realize anything. I tried to point it out but again, the dentist didn’t care. The damage to my nerve made my life hell. I now feel constant pain in my teeth and a bunch of them have become too sensitive. I can’t use my life side of the mouth to chew anything, it becomes too painful. I’m undergoing treatment for that nerve damage now. But my current dentist (which is not in Brenchley Dental) says that my chances of recovering from that nerve damage are really thin. These guys messed up my root canal treatment terribly. I couldn’t imagine such incompetent and irresponsible professionals. I regret my decision of trusting these guys. I shouldn’t have trusted these guys. It would’ve been much better if I had gone to some other dentist for my treatment. I complained about the dentist’s horrible treatment to the staff of Brenchley Dental. But nobody listened to me. They just told me that they’ll look into the matter. I also demanded a refund for that horrible root canal treatment because it hadn’t done any good to me. They denied it. They told me that they’ll first look into the matter to see if I was really telling the truth. They started saying that I could be a scammer and they’ll need to investigate the matter. I was out of words, really. It was clear to me that these guys weren’t going to issue me any refund. They had now started calling me a scammer when their own dentist had done such a pathetic job. I’m never going back there. Go someplace else where the dentists are more responsible and careful.

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