Brent Bost OBGYN

Brent Bost OBGYN

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Published: 10 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The information I am compiling is disturbing. I want to share with you an email that was sent to me by accident by Dr. Brent Bost, intended of the other cohorts..this is an exact copy with the name of the Company redacted for now. Now the reason Dr. Bost is trying to “get” the Founder,me, is simple, I have uncovered reasonable evidence of wrongdoing, and public deception quite possible orchestrated by Dr. Brent Bost. I have uncovered wrongdoing by the entire Board. More to come…but enjoy this for now…we are in the process of trying to remove his medical license..and that of Dr. Minal Mehta OBGYN who also sits on the Board and seems to be complicit in wrongdoing… From: Brent Bost <[email protected]>Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2018 2:23 PMSubject: Re: Fwd: Little recording of Meg at Board Meeting 2) this represents the PERFECT Breach to sanction him for. Recording the meeting over everyone’s objection and then using it (not for note taking, but to BROADCAST it for his own use.) This was the meeting we all specifically protested recording, right – or was that the next meeting? BrentP.S. If someone wanted to be vindictive later, this would also be proof of illegal activities by the (former) CHAIRMAN and FOUNDER of CORDTRACK! BY THE WAY DR. BOST WAS SO EXCITED TO TRY TO FIND ME IN THE WRONG THAT HE SENT THE MESSAGE OUT AND INCLUDED ME BY ACCIDENT! As this report gets updated it will all come in to focus….

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