Brent Rudacille

Brent Rudacille

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Published: 08 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

He has no respect for the law, no respect for telling the truth and He has lied to everyone about the truth going on with the business transaction. He has lied, manipulated people into believing his delusional view of what actually happened and he is guilty of cyber harassment, cyber bullying and cyber stalking. I ask for everyone’s patience in this matter. We will be posting the facts about the business transactions soon. We must first get through prosecuting Brent Rudacille and all those involved before we can proceed with an explaination. In addition take into account all the current negative remarks, post, blogs,,, etc. were started by Brent Rudacille in a smear campaign and only Brent. Remove him and all his comments and there was nothing. Even with all his nonsense there has not been one bad review about my actual work. Why?…that’s because there is not a problem. Their work is solid and we are the only company to offer a LIFETIME warranty on ALL labor performed. How can you go wrong with that? You can’t and that’s the point. This is one person. One person who has been slandering my name and anyone linked and related to me by lieing about the facts, distorting the truth and getting people to believe his far fetched and made up story. Brent Rudacille is currently on probation in York, PA and his probation officer is Kevin Webb. Brent has a 5 page criminal record including prison incarceration. Consider the source, character and lack of integrity of Brent Rudacille who. Consider “EVERY” negative review written on the Internet have been written by Brent Rudacille. He has a 5 page long criminal record that is still currently getting longer that includes everything from Burglary, fleeing and eluding, aggravated assault, theft by deception, escape, countless driving without a license, DUI’s, reckless endangerment, conspiracy, several driving on a suspended license, accident involving death/injury, receiving stolen property, moving stolen property and the list goes on. Don’t believe me? Check out the public record for York, PA on Brent Rudacille below:

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