Brentview Medical Urgent Care

Terrible staff and useless service.

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Jacqueline

Brent View Urgent care is everything except urgent. The staff here is really dull and rude. They are always busy doing something else. The waiting room is always full and you’d have to wait for hours for a simple physical exam. I went through this painful experience when I was taken to this place for my flu. I had to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours! 2 FREAKING HOURS!! That’s a lot of time for making a sick patient wait, isn’t it?

The place remains stuffed with people and you just wait there on the chair question your life choices. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. It’s a walk-in clinic which means you should get treated fast. Instead of that, you just sit there and count the minutes. It gets really irritating after an hour. It’s a regular problem with this place. I know that because I had to visit the place again for getting my reports. On my first visit, I had to wait for around 2 hours. On my second visit, I waited for around an hour, a slight improvement. The receptionist wouldn’t listen to you and if you try to get her attention by speaking out of turn, be sure to get a rude treatment. The receptionist told me ‘shut up’. The rude reception makes the experience worse. I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to visit this place. If you want immediate care, go someplace else. It’s a great thing that these people don’t treat any serious condition because if they did, many people would’ve died in the waiting area alone. Not only the receptionist but the rest of the staff is very rude too. They need to work on improving their soft skills considerably. If they won’t, then I’m pretty sure that people will stop vesting this clinic.

I didn’t think my experience would be so terrible. There were a whole lot of other patients in the waiting room too. People with UTIs and injuries were also stuck in the same room, waiting for someone to call them up. The doctors here are slow and dull as well. When I had finally entered the room of the doctor, he was busy going through some files and told me to wait. I must’ve spent around 15 minutes in his room alone doing nothing. I was sick too, so you can understand how horrible my overall experience was. They have no sense of care or humanity. They don’t care about the patients or the fact that most of the people in the waiting room are sick and need immediate attention. Imagine sitting in a room surrounded by sick people while being sick for an hour. Add the uncertainty of time to that scenario too. This place is just horrible. The staff, the management, and the doctors, everything about this place is wrong. You’d be safer if you avoid this place. Please do yourself a favor and find some other hospital or clinic for urgent care.

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