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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Health is one of the most important aspects of our life. Taking care of ourselves and the ones we love should be our first and foremost priority. One day, when I got home from work, my father told me that he was having problems regarding his bad breath. He told me that he was not feeling great as his mouth felt stinky. I did not want to procrastinate and thus I immediately started checking for prolific clinics. After swiping through quite a few dentist clinic websites, I came across Brentwood Family Dentistry. After reading about the doctors and the environment online, I decided to take my father there. I called the number given on the website to get an appointment scheduled. It took me some time as there was no response from their side but finally after 5- 6 tries, I finally got the appointment.
I reached the clinic for almost twenty minutes to not be late for the appointment. When I asked for a glass of water while I and my father were sitting in the waiting room, the receptionist simply told us that there is no water available. I had to go out and purchase a bottle of packaged water. I decided to ignore this incident. After almost an hour, we were called in. When I went into the room, I noticed that the light bulb, a dim one it was, was flickering. I thought to myself how this is a reputed clinic when even the lights are not working properly. Anyway, the doctor inspected my father’s teeth hesitantly and told us that it would need to be cleaned. We were handed a prescription by the assistant and told to come after a week.
A week passed and we were back at the clinic and this time with a bottle of water. We did not go in early that day. We reached in time for the appointment and still had to wait for thirty more minutes. We went in and the doctor was almost ready with the instrument. We had already informed him about my father’s teeth sensitivity condition but he forgot it. He did not use anesthesia to numb the areas. He used an electronic scaler which was evidently rusted. To be honest, it was apparent that the doctor did not care much about hygiene. The ashtray on his side table confirmed it. By mistake, he swiped the scaler on my father’s lower lip and it started bleeding, He dared to scold my father even after making a mistake himself. I was really angry but I did not want to create a scene. I gulped down the anger and waited for him to finish the procedure. The procedure finally got over and I was relieved. However, we were disappointed by the result as there was still evident plaque deposited. The doctor told us that it was the best that could be done. I decided not to argue with that unprofessional human being and we walked out of there.
I would not recommend anyone to take any of their family member or even themselves to Brentwood Family Dentistry. Simply putting the word family in a name will not do any good if one cannot live up to the reputation of maintaining it.

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