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Published: 21 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously and BEWARE OF SCAM ARTIST BRETT RUTECKY SEVERAL PEOPLE LISTING COMPLAINTS! His sites are and His current email is: (email address removed by admin) and (email address removed by admin) This is a two part Report for you. Part 1 is how he tried to commit FRAUD and steal my money from me. Part 2, which is below Part 1, is a list of different people that listed complaint Against Brett Rutecky. This list will most likely keep growing, so feel free to come back and keep checking for updates! Don’t buy anything, or trust Brett Rutecky! Part 1 of 2: Brett Rutecky directly tried to commit Fraud and steal my money! On his website he has listed in a “guarantee” certificate that there is a no hassle 30 days refund policy. His so called software did not work for me because I felt like he was Stealing my leads, names and addresses in an Opt-in form that he sells. I was very polite, and did not mention that I knew what he was doing. I sent a polite email on the 11th day, asking for my refund immediately, and also mentioning that it is the 11th day, which is well within the 30 days money back guarantee period. Even though there is a 30 day money back guarantee LISTED on his sales site, he told me that I was Not going to get a refund and even called me a, “lying piece of trash.” Way, way, way, out of line! He commited Crimes and Fraud by listing a no hassle 30 days money back guarantee, and THEN saying in writing to me, that I was Not going to get a refund. That is FRAUD and Criminal activity! I will list the three emails he sent, exact cut-and-pasted- from his emails, below the section of Part 2. You can read them there, and also see how he tried to “cover himself,” with sentences that are vague and misleading. If you already paid Brett Rutecky money, you CAN Get a refund even though he might Lie to you too, and tell you that you will Not get a refund, just do what I did to recover my money from this con man. Do not send email to Paypal, call them and ask to speak with the Fraud Department. Tell them what happened to you, and also tell them his site address, and you ARE within the 30 days refund period! Let them See the names that keep adding up when there is Fraud going on with a site. Make sure You too, take the time and file a complaint here, to protect others too. I was very polite and did Not file a dispute on Paypal, at first, as I wrote an email to Brett Retucky asking for my refund and mentioning that by sending him email directly, he would not have a bad listing on Paypal with a Paypal dispute listed under his name. I was doing him a Favor AND I also wished him well too. He came back as a complete “you know what.” I have listed his Fraudulent tactics below, as a cut-and-paste of his 3 emails he sent. Notice how he states I will not get a refund, even though I am on the 11th day and also calling me “trash.” .

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