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Published: 24 September 2018

Posted by: Justin_Tyme

Don’t go to Brew City Shooter’s Supply [alias: Badger Guns] in Milwaukee/West Allis, Wi.] to use their firing range OR buy a gun. Even if you don’t buy a gun there, just using their firing range, they will report you to the Milwaukee police which also enters your name & address into the Milwaukee Police’s system FOREVER! Even if I had legally bought a gun 20 years ago in a different state, it’s none of Milwaukee PD’s business UNLESS I’m being investigated locally. Even if you’re not guilty of anything, ALL shooters are reported and therefore on record locally to all law enforcement FOREVER!t. It’s none of the PD’s business what your name, address, SN, gun make & model is simply because you use a commercial gun range. “Police Chief Nasci said since late 2009 he has run more than 25000 names of range users through his system. So far this year he’s ran more than 8800 and come up with 47 people who required further investigation. A few of those were referred to prosecutors for illegal possession, Nasci said.” Reported by the Milwaukee Journal on 27 July 2012 Milwaukee gun range voluntarily reports law-abiding customers to local police Posted on August 2, 2012 by Ammoland ——— Update ——— “Mike”, the owner of BCSS [supposedly; who knows any more? Over the past 4 years they’ve shuffled ownership/licenses among family members so often that we are no longer sure WHO actually runs that business]; say that he supposedly has ceased submitting customer’s info [background checks] to the W. Milwaukee PD, instead, running the names himself via public records. After 3 years of stabbing his customers in the back, should we believe him? I don’t. If so, he’s only done so due to public outcry AND an obvious loss of business. Does this also RETRACT all info on the past 25, 000 customers that he’s already screwed over? NO. That personal info is retained FOREVER with the Milwaukee PD.

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