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Brewster Honda

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Published: 04 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I visited Brewster Honda for a certified used car and was greeted by Anthony Pilla. I did the test drive and he indicated that he would not sell the car at a price lower than advertised on their website. So I left.One week later, he called and left a message, saying that the car was still available and would welcome an offer. I emailed him with a fair offer. He called back immediately, saying that ok, if you put down a deposit, the car is yours. I confirmed with him that he accepted the price as I offered then I gave him my credit card number, for a $500 deposit. I drove 35 miles to Brewster to get the car. When I arrived, he presented me with a sales form, below the car price, there were several items: plates, registration, etc. Then I noticed an item: “vehicle prep $695”. I asked him what that was. He said that’s the charge “to certify the car for sale”. I said you must be kidding, you advertised the car as “Certified Used Car”, how can you possibly be charging a fee “to certify the car”?! I asked to speak to his supervisor. When the “supervisor” appeared, I asked how come there is a charge to certify the car while it was offered for sale as “certified car”? He said, no no no, Anthony was wrong. The charge was to cover the “prep’ping” of the vehicle for sale. Then the two started a brief argument in front of me… At the end, the “supervisor” told me, look, I can’t sell you the car at that price! So i demanded refund of my deposit (It took 4 days for me to get the refund) and left. I drove 70 miles just to be fooled by these people! I was appalled by the unethical behaviors of these two salesmen at Brewster Honda (and their incompetence). No more Brewster Honda!

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