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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I came to KC for some ECU tuning on my truck. I told him that I could go with a stand alone fuel system but I didn’t want to spend the 1300.00 for it. He assurred me that he could make a custom chip for me for about 500.00 Well to make a long story short. after about 10 dyno tune sessions later. and the chip, he tried to charge me 1100.00 and my truck still doesn’t run right. I feel he is very incompotent and should stop taking people’s money. I have been going rounds with him since the begginning of 2005. And get this. He still has my chip. I finnally went to the BAR and we are going rounds now. KC has the upper hand on me because he has documentation on what he has done. WELL I have to say IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD ON PAPER! It is really hard to get anywhere with the BAR unless you have good documentation. Unfortunatly everything was word of mouth with KC @ BRG. A few good words of advice. Make good records when it comes to getting performance work done to your vehicle. From now on I don’t care how much of an idiot I look like. I will make sure I get everything in writing when I get any work done to my vehicles. AND NEVER GO TO BRG FOR ANYTHING MOTORCYCLES CARS TRUCKS ETC!!! HE is a ripoff!! I will probably get nowhere with KC and the BAR because KC has documentation that “he made 150 HP on the dyno” He failed to mention to the BAR that I did all the work building my custom exhaust and chaging my ignition timing. But all the bar sees is that when I first came in I was only making 150 HP @ the wheels. then the next time I went I was making 300. well KC failed to mention that after that first time I came to him. I changed from single exhaust to true duals. and I changed the ingnition timing and the 02 sensor. KC had nothing to do with that and that is what made all the power. but like I said it looks really good on paper. 150 jumpimg to over 300 hp There are many other things that he has done that I could go on all day about. Like when I went in to get my chip burnt for the final time and he did the work, after he did the work I now have detonation. and he is saying that it isn’t because of his tuning!! DON’T GO TO BRG Eric Antioch, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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